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  1. tprashad0719 I don't think im ready to leave my current job I will go through the steps but I think I will be put on hold for medical reasons. What kind of leave did you take I have been looking through my manuals here at work and can not find a reason.
  2. definitely will. I keep hearing its for the 11/30/15 but there is no way I can just abandoned my job like that I will ask if I can be pushed back
  3. ralphed007 Its been such a long wait that I don't remember. I think I might push this back though.
  4. what happens if someone can not do that start date ?
  5. @k423 I guess we will be there at the same time. So if everything goes well then the start date is 11/30/15 ?
  6. Hi All, I received the call for my interview/medical for tomorrow. But I doubt I will get in because of medical reason
  7. Eric congrats and good luck moving forward. Seems like everything is moving fast. are you able to ask the TSS questions while away from the class ?
  8. yea I hear you. In my situation I have moved up a little. 15 years of seniority. If I need a vacation or a few days I just say im going to be off. But it seems like I hit a wall and operating a train is something I always wanted to do. I actually had a conversation with a director here about me possibly leaving and I asked if it didn't work out if how hard it would be to get back and she said not hard at all.
  9. everyone here has provided tons of info but I think the most valuable will come from you cause we seem to fear the same things and our situations are pretty similar.
  10. Yea, so its an obvious choice for you. Good luck and with everything you will have going for you I don't think you have to worry about the practical's or signal exams. With dedication you always get what you want. I cant wait for you to start I will be asking tons of questions knowing how tough this decision was or you.
  11. I haven't received that call yet and will call them later on today. I'm just afraid with a kid and one on the way I don't know what the right move will be but I think if I get the call I'm taking that leap. I have many friends that work law enforcement and ems and they work the midnight shift in order to be able to spend time with their families. if this would have happened lets say 2 years ago it would have been an easy choice.
  12. @trapshad0719 are you better prepared now to make the jump ?
  13. yea I went dressed up a bit because I came in to work and when I got there and looked around it was a mess. I felt over dressed.
  14. really im under the impression if my health gets bad then I can lose my job. where can they place me ?
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