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  1. yessssssss....!! i wish it could actually work though
  2. I'm doing it (again) on May 30th lol 12 hours in last time, the train was stuck in the 53rd st Tunnel and they evacuated everyone to 5Av/53rd and diverted trains via 63rd... so I called it quits. Anyone want to do it with me this year? he said that he doesn't have time to do it again beacuse of his job... rip. Maybe he'll do it after Cortlandt St opens again
  3. couldn't one just walk down the escalators?
  4. permanent change: no skip stop between Marcy and Bway Junction forever? did anyone else hear about this
  5. does anyone know when train closure will start (i know its summer 2017, i just need a date)
  6. most tourists (that i know) think that penn station=34 st just saying
  7. but remember... tunneling isn't most of the cost... it's the stations that cost the most. Also I'm assuming 125th Street is going to cost billions of dollars. There are going to be two mezzanines, and then a transfer to Metro North... On another note... we can't expand much anymore if its going to cost a billion dollars to build one station. Especially when the cost of SAS is going to be the same as the 800 mi High Speed Rail from Shanghai to Beijing... (except in China, it got done in less than 2 years)
  8. I remember this lady was using google maps and she wanted to get to Forest Hills. While her "location" on gmaps was Lex/59, she was on my train @ 116/Columbia. (she started @Penn). And then she asked me if this train was an train... can't even listen to announcements lol... "Bronx bound 1 train" People, especially tourists need to learn how to read a freaking map honestly
  9. does anyone think that the depth of the SAS stations at 86th and 72nd street are a deterrent? I would think that if I live on 3rd av, that i'd prefer lex over sas just because you save 2-3 mins from descending to the platforms
  10. I know this may be a bad idea, but how about splitting between 148th and 137th Sts? Considering that ridership under 137th is very strong, the only reason i see this not working is a decrease in Lenox Av service
  11. how about Park Place and Chambers St ? already covered by Fulton st one stop away.. or even the Times Sq to
  12. Terrorists somehow hack into all of the NTTs in the system, rendering them useless. All of the NTT's are permanently disabled, leaving you with roughly 1,100 cars for the A division, and 1,700 cars for the B division. How would you alter train service?
  13. well you don't want New Yorkers to know that East Side cost 10 billion dollars without even building a river tunnel.
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