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  1. With the union pay and benefits that transit gives, there is no such thing as a bad job. All jobs with transit are good. If you start as conductor, it doesn't mean you'll be stuck as conductor for you whole career. There is a lot of room for promotion and advancement in transit.
  2. 16 people started, I was one of the lucky ones and we all have no idea how they chose the class.
  3. we were notified, car inspectors on the list up to list number 410 will be going downtown this week for processing
  4. all the new hires for temp 6612 may be on hold until they go through the 5610 list
  5. go ahead and take that job first, it might be a while until the next test. and your time as c/r will count towards your service time for pension if you become CI
  6. if you're on the list already, that temp position will be a permanent position once they reach your number
  7. What was your list number banana? if you don't mind me asking
  8. It all depends on if you're permanent or not. if you are permanent CI, you can go back to CI if something were to happen as RCI and you can't do RCI work anymore, it's hard to go back to CI but if you do, seniority is based on your permanent date. If you were never permanent as CI, then you can not go back to CI.
  9. If you are hired straight out as an RCI, you can not go to the CI title. It doesn't take 10-15 years to get off nights or weekends, 3,4 or 5 years sometimes will be enough and they don't make $1.50 more than CI, they make $0.95 more an hour
  10. HR got the list yesterday, they're going to start calling people from the list next week to fill the next car inspector induction class starting on Nov 28
  11. This list was established and published in the chief 2 days ago for this test. 774 people on the list (subscription required to see list) http://thechiefleader.com/news/civil_service/car-inspector-list-established/article_fec371e0-a2b5-11e6-b5a1-2b5432efa320.html
  12. one big difference i can see are the trucks. the r179 truck and the r160 trucks are different. Maybe an improvement? we'll have to see
  13. they're preprogrammed with routes and transfers. there is a wifi antenna under the 160's it will probably be used for targeted advertising later on, but as of now, they don't do anything
  14. Yes, it's a great job, great place to work, CIs are treated well and you'll have fun. when you start, you'll do a 3 or 4 week C.I. induction class then pick a job assignment. a provisional employee is treated just about the same as everyone else, you get the same benefits (after 90 days) as a permanent C.I., after a few years, same pay too. we're very rarely outside in the yard most of the work is done indoors. You don't need your own tools. Transit provides everything you will need. There is actually a rule that prohibits us from using non transit issued tools
  15. No banana, there's no second list for current employees. they will go in order and give you the opportunity to take the car inspector position. it's a great job, good luck
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