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  1. Thanks!



    The only concern I have is if I'll be able to pick my division. I'm really hoping for A.


    I've followed your posts and you're another one of the people that really seemed to enjoy it. How much more do you have to go?



    Thanks man!

    I have 3 more months of school car left. My second signals exam is in 2 weeks.

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  2. I had one guy in my train operator school car class who resigned after 2 weeks. These jobs are not for everybody. Some people don't have jobs that will allow them to take an extended leave of absence. Some people don't like working nights, weekends, and holidays. Conductor school car isn't half as bad as Train Operator school car but never the less your TSS's will definitely try to scare you in the very beginning in terms of giving you examples of how one mistake on your part can lead to the end of your career with the MTA. This alone might make someone in your class quit. You have to be mentally strong to survive down here.

  3. You guys are coming on the job at a perfect time for conductors. Many of the conductors that I have spoken too told me that they were able to pick a schedule while still on probation. I've been a train operator for the last 4 months and I know for sure that I won't be able to pick a schedule while on probation. You guys will all be able to pick a schedule way before I am which could be good or bad depending on what you pick. Sometimes I miss being able to pick a nice schedule as a bus operator but in the long run i know I made the right move. Hopefully those of you who pick the A division I will see on the road soon.

  4. The mta actually extended the life of the current open competitive train operator exam that it is hiring people from until September 2017. As of right now the mta hasn't sent out the scores and list numbers for the promotional train operator exam that we took in January. I was promoted to train operator in April off of the current list that transit is hiring from and from what I've seen so far lots of train operators are retiring and getting ready to retire once a new contract is ratified. I'm pretty sure once transit starts hiring from the promotional exam list it will go through it quickly.

  5. To answer your questions noekozz; I started as a bus operator on July 1 2013. I was offered the bus operator position because at that time the mta had a hiring freeze for conductors but they were hiring bus operators so I decided to take the bus operator position to get my foot in the door. I also took the last open competitive train operator exam in 2009 and got a 95 on that. When I originally got the letter in the mail from the mta to start the hiring process for train operator in July of 2013 I had just started training for bus operator so therefore I turned train operator down at first. I had my name reinstated on the train operator exam list in November of last year and I officially got promoted to train operator on April 11th of this year.

  6. The reality of life as a new conductor or train operator is each day you might have to report to work at a different borough and you will have to do lots of studying in order to pass all of the exams and quizzes that are given during school car. As far as going to school and working for transit is concerned; it will be hard to do in the beginning of your career because when you first start on the road by yourself you will not be able to pick your own schedule. You will have to call the crew office everyday for your schedule. Your days off might change each week and your tour (am pm midnights) can change each week. When I was a bus operator I did know one person who was going to school but since I've been a train operator I have yet to meet a train operator or conductor who is going to school. Having a social life in the beginning of your career will be challenging also.

    So wait, you passed down on the conductor, I take it you took the promotional T/O? When did you cross over from BO to TO? I have a friend as well that took the 8094, he got called up in Dec 2012, good to say he got promoted to T/O at some point towards the end of 2014.


    Thank you for your words of encouragement.


    It's crazy you mention that, LIRR had filings in Jan of this year for conductor. You must have missed it. The requirements are a bit different than MTA, but nothing crazy.

  7. I applied for Conductor Trainee for MNRR; I think that's the one you were talking about? It was a pretty simple application and the requirements were pretty reasonable; I never got called.



    Finally! I've been hoping to hear from someone on the inside. I wanted to ask you about the reality of being a Conductor or just working for Transit/MTA in general. What's the life like? Is there a good work/life balance? Also, have you ever seen any of your coworkers continuing college?

  8. I wish everybody luck who took this conductor exam. I'm currently a train operator. I scored a 97.3 on the last conductor exam (8094) which was given in December of 2008. I didn't receive the letter in the mail from the mta to start the hiring process until August 2013. By then I was already a bus operator for transit so I turned the position down. So my best advice to everybody is to try not to think about this job until the mta starts hiring people from this list. Otherwise you will drive yourself crazy. But conductor is a very good job and by the time you guys start the top pay for conductor will probably be around 31 or 32 dollars an hour because our current contract expires in January. I hope to see all of you down the road in the future.

  9. I got a 97 on my midterm. It wasn't too bad. Just study everything that you've learned from day 1. As far as the practical goes make sure you don't forget to check all of your angles, ebv's, and make sure all of your mdc's are in run. As long as you do all of those things you should be ok.

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