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  1. When it comes to schoolcar you will be going to different train yards every day and you will be spending a lot of time in the classroom learning all of the signals. I just passed my signals exam today, so the more time that you spend in the classroom going over the signals the better. I passed my medical on April 6 and I was placed in the April 11th class. I had my name reinstated on the list because when my name was reached on the list in 2013 I had just started my 10 day training as a bus operator. Since I was a bus operator for the MTA prior to accepting the train operator title, this was treated as a promotion for me. I didn't have to resign from being a bus operator.
  2. Thanks feel free to ask me any questions.
  3. So far my schoolcar experience has been pretty good. I passed my practical exam on Friday and my signals exam is Wednesday. The time is going by fast.
  4. Well for me this job is worth the wait because as a train operator you don't have to deal with the public. I am a former bus operator so from my perspective train operator is one of the best jobs out there. All you have to worry about is operating your train safely. Everything else is the conductors responsibility.
  5. Just be patient bx316. This job is definitely worth the wait. I'm currently going through schoolcar so if you have any questions when you start feel free to ask.
  6. From everything I've heard from multiple tss's it normally takes two years on the job to be able to pick a schedule.
  7. Just wanted to know. I'm in my fourth week of train operator school car right now.
  8. If somebody who has 10 years or more in title as a train operator or bus operator switches to conductor, would that person start out making the top pay rate for train operator or bus operator, or would that person start out making rookie pay for a conductor?
  9. There were 50 people in my class and no I did not have my CDL license before I passed the 10 day training.
  10. Not everybody can learn to operate the bus the way the MTA wants you to operate the bus in 10 days. The class that I was in half of the people failed.
  11. I actually received my letter for this exam in 2013. I turned this job down back then because I had just started my 10 day training for bus operator at that time.
  12. I took this exam in June of 2009. The filing period I believe was in January of 2009. I meant to say I have 51 more weeks left before I pass probation.
  13. Mother Clara Hale depot in Manhattan is the only TA depot in the Bronx or manhatt
  14. Keep your head up TrainOp2016. In going through schoolcar right now and it's as tough as it gets. If you really want to be a train operator than file for the next exam in June. The first time I went through the 10 day training for bus operator I failed the 10 day training. 7 years later I tried again and passed the 10 day training. Never give up.
  15. Week 1 of schoolcar complete. 51 more weeks to go.
  16. I'm aware of this Y2Julio. I'm just hopeful that when I get my schedule on Thursday I have some Corona yard and New Lots yard reports mixed in with all of those Bronx yard reports.
  17. Just selected the A division. I'm glad I was able to get one of the ten available spots for the A division. The rest of the class went to the B division. I'm hoping I see a lot of Corona yard.
  18. And believe it or not there were some people who already had their CDL license that didn't pass the 10 day training.
  19. That's right half the class didn't pass the 10 day training. This job isn't for everybody.
  20. The class that I was in 25 people passed the 10 day training out of 50
  21. Yes you lose seniority when you decline the job initially, but when you're placed in a class after having your list number restored you will have the most seniority in that class most likely because you will have the lowest list number.
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