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  1. Does anybody know how the seniority point structure is calculated.
  2. Does anybody know the number to call to speak to the lady from human resources that deals directly with train operators.
  3. I got two questions wrong also. 36 and 51 Smfh. ????
  4. What I think the mta should do is have the D train run from 205 street to 95 street bay ridge to help out the R train and have the W train run from Astoria Ditmars Blvd to Coney Island via the west end line. This accomplishes two things. 1) bay ridge riders will now have better service due to the fact that the R train and the D train will both run to 95 street. 2) The W train will have direct access to a yard.
  5. When did you go to Livingston street for the drug test dainty 2200?
  6. What's holding me up right now Train Op 2016 is that the human resource department has yet to send out an evaluation form for me to my superintendent. Currently I'm a bus operator and because I'm going to be switching from bus operator to train operator the MTA is treating this as a promotion. The lady that I spoke to on Monday from human resources told me that she hasn't sent out my evaluation form yet and that I should give her a call next week Friday to see whether or not she has sent it out to my superintendent at my depot. I guess I just have to be patient for now.
  7. Thanks for those encouraging words mediccjh. I'm hoping to get into the march class.
  8. Ok thanks Train Op 2016 I definitely will be calling the mta on Monday. ????
  9. So in other words Train Op 2016 12/31/15 was the first and only time you had to take a drug test
  10. Hey Train Op 2016 was the first time you took your drug test on 12/31/15? I'm only asking because I took my drug test on 12/14/15 and I haven't received a phone call or email from the mta in regards to coming in for the medical as of yet.
  11. This month makes 2 and a half years for me as a bus operator
  12. I'm definitely hoping for that march class. How long have you been a bus operator dainty2200.
  13. Hopefully we get into the next class. It's no fun driving in the snow.
  14. My list number is 13** and yes I'm currently a bus operator
  15. The lady at 180 Livingston told me that the drug test is good for 90 days but I'm sure I will have to take another drug test the day that I come back in for my medical. The same thing happened to me when I was being processed for bus operator.
  16. Nice I can't wait to be called in for the medical
  17. I take my exam on January 10 at 10 am also. Midwood high school flow.
  18. No that was my first reinstatement attempt. I guess it had to do with the fact that I decided to accept the bus operator position off of this exam.
  19. When I put in my request to be reinstated to the list in November my request was denied by the MTA. The lady that I spoke to over the phone about this matter told me it was most likely because the list was set to expire in February.
  20. Good luck Mikeems1. Hopefully you will still post on here every once in a while when you start.
  21. Good point Lance. I'm not sure why an AirTrain to Laguardia Airport via the grand central parkway hasn't been built yet.
  22. The M 101 102 and 103 are too long to begin with. That's the main problem with those lines.
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