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  1. I just received another offer for temp employment in the mail but this time it does not list the exam title but it does say list number 51.0000 on the top right. I had taken a practical months ago but haven't received any results Does anyone know what this means. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the reply. I decided to wait to at least get my results from my practical before I leave here.
  3. Yes i was told it was exhausted I opted to wait for a list number and get called for a permanent spot They seem to be hiring quite a few people temp How is the job? Do they treat you guys well?
  4. I was curious if anybody knows if they are still hiring off of the 2608 list for this position and if they are what number they are up to. Thanks Im going through the process but I'm still not sure if it's worth leaving Verizon after 19 yrs for a temp position
  5. So the letter says temporary spot for telephone maintainer. I took the practical less than 6 months ago and no result as of yet. The first time they asked me for the provisional spot it was a phone call. This time it was a letter. What happens if i get the temp spot but don't place high enough on the list later on. Do i keep the job?
  6. Hello i have been reading tour thread since im debating leaving a union job for a provisional spot in transit. Have you been made permanent yet and do you regret taking a provisional spot. Thanks
  7. I just received a letter to come in for an interview on Monday for a temp position. I gad refused a provisional position a few months ago. Is temporary digferent than provisional? I took the practical a while back but haven't received any results yet. Thanks for any reply
  8. Anyone scheduled for the practical for exam 5607
  9. Been following this board for a bit. I was just curious if there is a differential pay for working nights
  10. Sorry i was referring to exam 5607 which doesn't have a list yet
  11. Thanks for the response Does it look like they are going to be hiring any time soon? Any talk of guys retiring?
  12. I am taking the practical in november and was called to interview for the position but i said no because it was provisional. I was curious if anyone was hired permanent and if anyone else is taking the practical
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