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  1. http://web.mta.info/mta/news/notices/pdf/Canarsie_Env_Assessment_ FINAL.pdf, the relevant info is on page 13.
  2. Maybe just to that particular mezzanine section, which is completely empty even during rush hours.
  3. Also, they put too few clocks. Some stations like Jackson Heights or Herald Square have 10 stairs to the platform. On the IRT, the clocks were placed near every single stair, so they were useful. But on the B Division, I feel like the MTA is just doing this to claim that they have clocks in every station. Realistically, there's only one in the middle of the platform and another at *one* of the exits. In some cases the clocks only show the next two trains even if the station has 3 or 4 services. If the MTA wants to install these clocks, they should at least place the clocks in the best location, rather than worrying about the sheer number of stations that have the data. The problem before was that people were unfamiliar with the clocks. Now, people know the IRT clocks so they're used to seeing BMT and IND clocks near the same locations on the platforms and exit areas. The fact that there are only 3 clocks per B Div station, regardless of size or capacity, is slightly annoying.
  4. If demand keeps expanding, the MTA might need to add more and trips there. All the more reason to hurry up with Phases 2 and 3, preferably at the same time so the could open.
  5. I heard on Facebook that it went down on September 3. I don't know why though. The Forum is registered in Dallas, Texas, so maybe it had to do with the hurricane there and the resulting infrastructure collapse.
  6. Good, maybe something could actually happen with these stations. They're some of the most overcrowded and worst configured in the system, especially 51 St-Lexington Av and Grand Central
  7. I suppose the MTA could use selective door operation with 9-car consists of R160s. None of these platforms are shorter than 500 feet, so the last car could fit partially in some of the stations. All of the trains' doors will definitely open at the terminals, though, since they are both over 545 feet. Probably won't happen, though. I agree, but maybe just extend the platforms to 540 feet for 9-car trains for now, and focus on 600 feet later. In some stations, it's only a 6-foot platform extension. Or just have the seats lift into the ceiling during rush hours. Like this: But instead of the door seats, make it the window seats that go into the ceiling.
  8. You mean Church St? The 8 Ave line doesn't run under Chambers. In fact, Chambers doesn't have any lines under it. Theoretically it's just wide enough for a two-track line. Church is five and a half lanes. The QBL runs under Broadway in Queens, which is even narrower. The Broadway line runs under Broadway in Manhattan, which manages to be even narrower than Broadway in Queens.
  9. I guess that could be another purpose for showing out-of-service trains. I hope these are revenue tracks only, though. Otherwise we'd be showing out-of-service trains on layup tracks, and that is a problem.
  10. Thanks. That was stupid of me to ask a question that was already answered.
  11. Train locations would be good for tracking in-service trains, but for the not-in-service trains that would be inviting vandalism or some other type of foolery.
  12. They probably forgot to consider that a conga line of buses can quickly pile up with this plan.
  13. I remember seeing this a few years ago. It had to do with a store's opening. The Asic America store bought half a subway car to, quote, "pay tribute to the city". Is Asic America still open?
  14. That's the better-looking one. The closed entrance is even "lovelier". It's even decorated with graffiti over an ugly corrugated gate!
  15. Yeah. I guess it's not that bad. It's just that the nycsubway.org map of the same region says "BMT ONLY" in huge capital letters, right above the caption for the station.
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