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  1. Definitely will process together. Just patiently waiting for something to happen. We’ll help each other through all of this and hopefully we’ll be on those tracks soon enough!!! When we get on we’ll get some good seniors I hope too. Wanna throw some new jack jokes? All good. Food is on me. Just teach me everything you know about the rails lol
  2. I would say anyone with a list number of about 1000 or below. You can also view those top scorers on the chiefleaders website. I would say anyone having a 106% through a 91% have a fairly well chance, if, things tend to repeat themselves. Anyone with these percentages will just have to play the waiting game.
  3. Amtrak is a good job. It's always good to weigh in your options. I honestly wouldn't mind being a Cleaner (Stations), or a garbage picker as a Track Worker. As long as I get to quit my current job lol
  4. They’ll get to us brotha. You still holding out for Surface or you giving it another shot? This is my last TA exam. It’s this or nothing for me!
  5. When the list expires, you are no longer eligible for that title and you are expired. I know from my knowledge, with the old C/R list they were offering Station Cleaner positions, but that wasn’t the case with 3600 Track Worker. As opposed to C/R and Cleaner (Stations), the lowest MOW title is Railroad Track Cleaner, but that is now scarce. Unfortunate, but there are other ways to get OTJ. If all goes well, the TA will most likely reach 3000 list numbers again, if all goes well. The title isn’t being phased out and there will never be a shortage of track maintenance, and surely SAP is still in place because that is part of the new 20-24 capital plan. I see them just extending this list in the future regardless, so people with those numbers should have a fighting chance. There is of course a small percentage the TA will just not hire as many as they once have, but that is all according to how many guys are promoting and/or retiring, and how badly they want the system to continue it’s own demise. I’ll remain optimistic.
  6. On list 3600, 889 eligibles were appointed and the last eligible appointed was 384x. You’ll see this reflected on the next main seniority pick. From what I’m seeing it looks like a little over 56 eligibles were put in the last classes which you don’t see on the 2018 main pick sheets
  7. I mean I don't mind my current job.. I work only 3 straight days full-time, and I have 4 straight days off, steady. OT is usually open. Con to that is I have more time to think about this job lol I'll try to read every now and then but it'll just drive us all crazy. Everyone deserves a second chance of course. There are a lot of guys underground that have felonies. I myself have had a license for 4 years and I have never had to go to court in my life, not even for a ticket, except for jury duty, but the job ain't guaranteed for any of us until we get sworn in..
  8. Welcome to the forum!! Good list number.. let us know how your process goes man. It'll be good to know some information before the rest of us gets a call. The more information, the better.
  9. I hear MaBSTOA has a great pension system. Just be careful with that 7-10 day training. Failing that could become an issue with Track. I would definitely wait it out. Just my opinion brother.. plus we got PDM and T/O, so many opportunities. @dman1455
  10. You gonna go surface first or you gonna wait out for track?
  11. Well, it looks like it was a good 4 1/2 years for them to reach the same number I got for the last list, so it's going to be another two year wait. That's so dreadful to think about... lol
  12. There wasn't any character, background, or license requirement in our notice of examination, so it's pretty vague. The MTA can throw the mysterious 1-3 rule at anyone.
  13. My status back in 2018 was the same thing and a few months later I was called in for a panel interview.. this was for Track Worker though. If you’re already with NYCT it beats me why you would want to switch over to SIRTOA as their pay is lagging behind and there isn’t a civil service process.. job is more secure with local 100. If you are from the street then why not give it a try... just letting you know there is some nepotism involved.
  14. Definitely does.. you can check here to see how much money Track Workers made with NYCT back in 2018. You can also check here for the new TWU local 100 contract, which now maxes this title out at $36.36, different from the $33.10 that was in 2018.
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