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  1. That seems to be the case with the older OA exams. It could be the case with this one. I also didn’t expect to get the Boss in October, and knowing the MTA, it’s on a day that I work lol
  2. I got my test on October 24th.. wasn’t expecting it to be that quick.
  3. 75%, list number 91xx here..Having 0 as my 5th digit sure does help though haha
  4. What's up fellas! Proposed answer keys are posted early, and apparently, I got a 95% on this test. I hope that'll be enough to get called.. I guess we will just have to see how many people end up on the list.
  5. It's great that you will get on as a C/R, but will probably not get invited to take the Traffic Checker exam. It's funny how that works.. lol
  6. Just took the T/O exam and I applied for SIR Track Worker. How about you Jc? I expected it to be a small one too but I guess not!
  7. I got my random number in the mail for Traffic Checker (MaBSTOA), Exam No. 7104. I'm guessing any number that is way above 2,000 will not be contacted for the exam? Mine is extremely high, which is around 70xx.
  8. Thank you for the insight +Young+. Your posts are always informative! As for Mr Railfan.. awesome video!
  9. Do your best and do not give up. This is the part that matters the most. Everything else will come later for us. You'll see. Good luck!
  10. Congrats! Were there any work experience requirements for Traffic Checker? I've been waiting a long time for this upcoming March one.

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