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  1. Thanks for the encouragement! This gives me even more hope that I'll eventually get my "Golden Ticket"....and I'm pulling for all y'all to reach the finish line, in the meantime congrats!
  2. Great!! I'll just keep applying....and Thanks!
  3. Oh, ok...Got It! But if I may ask, is there any backround that you've seen they prefer as far as who they invite? I've been hired by the Postal Service as a Mail Handler but that may not necessarily "wow" them...
  4. ....Hmm....gotta figure out how to become one of those 😉😂
  5. Whoa!....so if you're TOO closely related to someone in a craft you're screwed!?
  6. Congrats to All who are moving along in the process:-)! I've been trying literally for about 10 years to make the orientation, but reading these posts gives me hope that I'll eventually get invited too so I'm gonna keep applying! Again, congrats and hope that you all make it to the end:-)
  7. Oh ok, Thanx!! And congrats on passing the second signals test too!
  8. @ErikNYC, I never got to the yard posting, but I don't recall anything of yard enhancement, is that new along with the second signals test?
  9. Happy for you that you passed????????????, but I am also sorry that you lost 4 of your peers, I got nailed by the signals test too, so I KNOW how you feel AND how they feel. From my experience, they will probably have to report to 130 for about a week(paid) before they talk with someone and it becomes "official".
  10. CONGRATS!! I know the feeling!????????????????
  11. Yet another challenge, you guys will get rolling soon and I know y'all are making the best of it. However, I can only imagine your frustration.
  12. Sorry to hear this happened to you. Try this email address certcustserv@dcas.nyc.gov, I ended up being replied to from that when I messaged DCAS about something. This is IF you don't have a number to call. Hope this helps.
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