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  1. No need to be embarrassed, I know the feeling. .it's not a job for everyone..im on a 3 month leave with my previous job ..i will see how I do on the practical and if I pass then the first signal exam

    Definitely no need to feel embarrasses but I know now that I'm nervous as hell and I'm only done with the medical and drug test!!!

  2. @ralphed007 thank you! Uhm.. I'm a sis not a bro but I get it lol this job is a "man's job" but I've seen plenty of female TO's. My list # is 426*. I'm dinner with the medical now waiting for final processing. Was told I should get a call by the end of this week. I'm just nervous because if I quit my job and make one mistake on the signal test I'm S.O.L and unemployed. Been waiting too long for this... But I'm staying positive and praying lol

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