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  1. Anyone know why so many CI-bound D trains skip 25 Av in the AM rush?
  2. Very cool photo set! That doesn't change the 24 TPH maximum of the WBurg though Question about terminating 12 J/Z TPH at Broad St: If 10 TPH were turned and 8 TPH put through, could Broad St turn and fumigate 12 TPH? Or would 2 or 3 TPH need be turned at Chambers? Alternatively, would the MTA ever put one or two trips through to Brooklyn, perhaps turning at 9 Av on the West End?
  3. Bloomberg and DeBlasio are both neoliberals... a capitalist far cry from communism or socialism. You can dislike both all you want, as do I, but the red-baiting is counterproductive and uneducated.
  4. S/b backed up out the wazoo today. MTA twitter only mentions an issue all the way up at 170 St. Can't believe something that far north has such an impact on the south brooklyn region. 2 's were fully packed (one ran exp. to Bay Parkway) and I could only get on the 3rd one which was fairly full but not a sardine can.
  5. How does the MTA choose which stations to give wifi? I noticed on Lex that 23, 28, 33 all have it yet 14 Union (arguably busier) doesn't. I'm sure there's way more to it though.
  6. On the line map you have Queens | Manhattan for the . Both the strip and full maps show Cortland... It's very light on the full map but it's there.
  7. Both the n/b AM and s/b PM rushes on the are much more crowded than the n/b AM or s/b PM on the so how come the is running to Bay Parkway and eventually 86 St on the instead of Bay Parkway on the ?
  8. A question for riders-- when the skips the stops in between 3 Av-149 St and E 180 St, does it go down White Plains to Nereid or to Dyre? I'm assuming Nereid since that's also the path of rush ext. trains but I never rode the in the Bronx
  9. I'm making this thread to gather clips or names of films, television shows, shorts, etc. that feature aspects of NYC mass transit as a meaningful setting. I'm inspired by the subway scene in La Haine (1996) [dir. Matthiue Kassovitz] and imagine seeing the subways and buses as a focal point to films made by NYC artists and youth. With filmmaking become more and more accessible, we're bound to start seeing the subway in film for what it is: the silver angel that brings so many NYC youths to and from everywhere they go - myself included. I'll add some of my own favorites later.
  10. What's wrong with Manh bnd Exp. trn via W End Loc 4 Av Exp Fre Tco Tuesd Lcl /s
  11. B D F M via 6 Av A C E S - Rockaway via 8 Av J/Z via Christie Connection L via ENY + Christie Connection G via F and 6 Av S Franklin via Brighton, CI Yard, West End/Culver/4Av/etc (involves some backtracking yaaa...) N Q R via DeKalb then 6 Av 4 5 6 via Lex 2 3 via Lex 1 via 2 every line but 7 and S 42nd! forum limit wouldnt allow that many bullet emoji's Lol
  12. i'd imagine that route would have similar speeds and efficacy to the 2010-2016 ... nice that route also seems pretty nice. i don't think there's many riders who ride from bay ridge to qns blvd along local anyway...
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