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  1. no point if you dont get even called for those.. classes
  2. hey rlmason I just got a letter literally today too...sigh not a good one man exactly like yours. Hey do you have an email we can talk about stuff? let me know thanks.. hope you feel better bro seriously.. I know exactly how you feel..same position..
  3. true still might be hope .what other opportunities are you looking at ?
  4. same here I havent studied thinking of moving on other careers... this is a little too much . Think they'll say "apply again"
  5. where is the link for the CAM posting I want to apply too or is it too late?
  6. did you ask anything else or told something else in addition to what you mentioned from HR ?
  7. I would say to just keep studying until then did she explain anything else or did you ask any other questions?
  8. best luck to you too man. hope we get called unto the next class.. how is your current position going for you?
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