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  1. There’s counters over each doorway on most of the newer buses.
  2. Probably in the wastelands around Citi Field, as there really isn’t another location for them to move the depot to (if it was up to me, this LGA air train would be canned faster than the Bronx Express Bus Redesign).
  3. Caught one yesterday, 2910 (QM12), followed by a Prevost on the QM42.
  4. 5477 (which was probably already mentioned), has half SBS, half Blue/Gold
  5. They now have some of the metrocard fare readers equipped with OMNY.
  6. So 7021-7030 (I believe), which is currently on the 2, has the circle/diamond and “new” side sign just like 7501-7510 on the 7.
  7. What are y’all favorite sounding buses (from a fanners perspective)? For me, the EPA10 Orion’s, 1200s, and JFKs ZF XD60s are my favorite, with the 2012 LFSAs, and the 2017 XD60s right behind those.
  8. I’ve ridden and seen some of the overnight buses in the Bronx, and I can tell you, it seems like the hours of crowded buses is between 4AM, and 1AM now. It used to be about 6AM to about 10:30PM. Now, all of a sudden, everyone gotta take the bus. Lol
  9. Not just the NGs, I’ve seen the Novas in the Bronx without license plates, they could be getting renewed like how @MHV9218 said. I would assume it’ll start off slow. I predict both bus lines to actually eventually be more useful than just a vaccine bus line. But only time will tell. I thought I posted this like two days ago, but I guess it’s still here. Lol
  10. Just thought of something.. when the Bx6+ heads to Soundview, what’s gonna be the Bx5s verdict? It may sound out of the window, but since more people are gonna head over to the 6 rather than the 5, we might see the 5 get a service cut AND lose artic buses entirely, since it has the lowest amount of ridership per articulated routes (besides the Q70 now).
  11. I’m assuming you’d rather have it like this: Bx6 +SBS+: 1000-1016 Rest of WF: 1017-1067 JG: 1068-1109
  12. Speaking of those two bus lines, would you guys see them being around after the COVID period, and do you see them being extended? (Like the Q98 into Jamaica LIRR possibly). I also heard that there’s people asking questions to the riders, specifically the question of them getting a vaccine.

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