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  1. Most of those lines will probably be split (Like the M101), but that's another topic for another day.
  2. I better not hear no person who advocated for everything to stay the same, get upset over the bus service (imma most likely hear someone get upset within the first 24 hours). But, hopefully the west Bronx and the crosstown lines still get what they were getting.
  3. Ah, I remember when the last Q44 LFSA ran...is that what you mean? Because that was almost two years ago, child. Also, there’s Advocacy Groups for almost every borough, if there isn’t, make one, and speak up about issues instead of complaining. Stop making stories up and stop looking like a bonafide fool. Enjoy your day good sir.
  4. Am I the only one that thinks that SBS should just be re-branded as Limited again?
  5. There’s some sort of Electric/Hybrid Xcelsior bus inside of the Zerega plant, passed by it twice in the past week and it hasn’t moved, can anyone confirm what it is?
  6. Bx15 to KB, Bx39 to WF (shorter deadhead), Bx8/31 to GH, Bx33 to MCH, Bx5 to WF (foamer move), M60 to MCH, M57 to TU, Q44 Split (WF/JA), Q20 to CP, Q32 to MJQ, Bx12 local to KB, Bx41/SBS back to KB.
  7. I don't think that they all here, but they are probably in the system, assigned to MJQ.
  8. Probably in GH now, a friend caught it on the Bx41-SBS somehow...
  9. Probably a tripper (happens from time to time).
  10. 0015 was spotted in the Bronx, a friend got a video while on 4762 on the Bx22.
  11. It'll most likely be artics moving from other depots to fill in the Q12s needs (Correct me if I'm wrong).
  12. Those 3 NGs are still in CP, 4137, 4037, and I forgot the other one.
  13. I thank you for actually taking the criticism as constructive, a lot of others would've took it the other way. Also I do see what you mean about the shoulder and stuff, but it'll still be a heavy traffic issue.
  14. That B5 Limited, is TOTALLY UNNECESSARY. Why have a route go via the Belt when on a good day, you have medium traffic going towards JFK? You're bound to have at least 20-30 minute delays heading onto the Belt going east. The B82 shouldn't terminate at Kings Highway, the SBS should be terminating at Coney Island, but we never got that, and it seems like you don't want it to happen.

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