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  1. Cortlandt Street and Fulton Street........... Why isn't this a transfer already?
  2. So are they doing a complete 180 and using what's on the Queens Bus Map now or are they gonna continue using the Remix style redesign?
  3. So you really waited a half hour for a train that doesn't have window seats? You sure you from NYC? I would've ran for those seats man, comfortable or not, those seats are great. In all seriousness, why would you wait in the cold if you aren't fanning or getting pictures for a train? Granted, the probably took 35 minutes to show up anyway, but still, its not needed. You must have a body heater cause I would've never done that in my life.
  4. Exactly, even some of the NYCT Lines don't have the note, the only reason that I knew about the Bx10 school tripper, is because I went to school right in front of the tripper.
  5. I for sure know these routes have school trippers: Bx1, Bx9, Bx10, Bx11, Bx12 Local, Bx16, Bx17, Bx20 (Basically a school tripper route), Bx26, Bx31, Bx39. There's obviously more, but off my head, those are the lines I've seen school trippers on the most in the Bronx.
  6. R42 Canarsie-Rockaway Parkway Kings Highway-Brooklyn
  7. So today was a wild day.. There was a 47XX (forgot the number), 12XX (1278), XN60, a few 57/58/59/52/53XXs, a couple 60/6100s, 55/5400s, and extra NGs on the M96. Who would've known they ran the full line, then turned into shuttle buses to CPW, because of a little water right? Man oh man I was wrong..
  8. Bx14 Rapid +SBS+ Fordham Plaza-59th Street/Columbus Circle: Via 3rd, stopping at 180th, Tremont, 163, 149, 136, Then via Lex, stopping at 125, 96, 86, 79, 59, Then via 59th/60th, stopping at 5th, 7th, Columbus Circle.
  9. There’s a lot of cases where if a line was 4 tracks instead of 3, max capacity would be achieved, Concourse is one of them. We gotta make do with what we have though.
  10. You mean the people that yell over it and go insane? Those ain’t railfans...that’s a different breed of humans.
  11. so this aint a move but... 6143 is on the B41 Local.
  12. So 6143 is on the B41 LOCAL, full length. What a turn of events..
  13. Someone enlighten me on why they are moving 2017s to Hale, and 2019s to Quill?
  14. Hopefully we get another order, presumably for Artics, not just for MTA Bus, but for Transit as well.
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