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  1. Honestly, I don't know. This map was made in 2010, so at the time, this dude probably wasn't really paying attention. It takes skill to edit the map though.
  2. Ran into a Manhattan Fantasy Map the other day, wonder how you guys will feel about it. https://sites.google.com/site/midnightrts/home/mta-fantasy-maps
  3. 6243 is on the Q10 currently, gonna get a few pics and a video.
  4. I'm not going to assume, but as of around..... July, I've seen lines have 40 Footers when ridership dips at night, in my eyes, it makes sense.
  5. They gave the Brooklyn Map an old school type vibe, with the Font, and how the bus line squares are.
  6. We talking about Jamaica operators here man. lmao
  7. VCP imo, is turning into a poor terminal, so you can add that in there too.
  8. Ill take another, large. World Trade Center Via 6th Ave Local Via CPW Local
  9. There's currently a Wrapped 160 on the N right now, coupled up to a 95XX.
  10. After re-reading the plan and actually going in depth with it, I’ve came to the realization that, the MTA takes express bus riders as a joke now. I retract my statement that was said earlier, simply because it was ludicrous, and I wasn’t having logic towards it. These damn TA officials really don’t want any of the express bus riders to be happy, first with the SIMs (which is not entirely all fixed yet), now with the BxMs, which is possibly gonna get worse unless if we all have a say so in it. I can’t speak for everyone, but it seems like people are okay with the routing of the lines, I’m not 100% sure, but the timing, definitely has to get fixed ASAP. The next few meetings, are gonna be hell for them, and they better fix what’s wrong, FAST, or they are definitely losing ridership to all of the cab companies in the city.
  11. It’s funny how they are making most of the express buses one directional, it doesn’t make sense at first, BUT (you may disagree with me on this), I could see why they did this, cause most buses, except for the BxM1 and BxM7, carry air during off peak hours. Contradicting my own statement here, recently however, I’ve been seeing a lot more midday passengers heading down or up from Manhattan on express bus lines, specifically the BxM1/7/8, so, this cute little cut in service, could be very costly in the long run.
  12. Yes they did cut a LOT of express bus service, I'm disappointed about that as well.

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