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  1. 4787, 4793, 4790, 4788, 4784, 4783: GH-UP 4749, 4748, 4746, 4747: KB-UP 7139, 7137, 7150-51: UP-FLA 7140-7149: UP-ENY
  2. That honestly looks like a great route, could see the potential for it being a regular full time bus line. Off topic from this real quick, 4777 is on the B1.
  3. NONE. Literally, I've had multiple people tell me "You don't have to pay for that", meanwhile, the MTA never said that SBS was free, the machines are still on for a reason, and I told each person that SBS wasn't free, and they still didn't pay afterwards. Shows how much people pay attention, but when eagle team hits, it'll be a different story.
  4. There's 3 10 Car R179s sitting in Concourse Yard, don't know why.
  5. 5441 is currently on the Bx9, heading to WF, saw it while on a Bx22, so I sadly don't have a picture. And for those who are wondering, yes it's in the local scheme.
  6. I'm late while answering, but no, they do not check.
  7. I see a lot of screwing up that the MTA did..specifically for some of the Bronx routes. Bx7: Why is this route not running between 166th and Riverdale? You have two important hospitals on the line. Bx3: There should be short turns running from Riverdale to VA Hospital, and VA Hospital to Manhattan. Bx8/31: One of these two should be running, preferably the Bx31. Bx29: At least give this island access to Pelham Bay. BxM9/BxM10: Both should be running without a doubt. My opinions can be debated if disagreed on.
  8. The Bronx is now housing loans from Staten Island. 2 3Gs are in the Bronx, as well as several 81 and 87XXs from Staten island.
  9. Is it safe to say that the M100 got converted into an artic route silently? It'll be cool if they keep it like that past the pandemic.
  10. Me sitting here waiting for 7604 to re-appear on the Bx3 (I live on the line so a pic wouldn't hurt).
  11. So this morning...1026 was on the Bx9, and 4669 was on the Bx28. Now we got 6202 and 6220 on the Bx41 LOCAL. At this rate, we might see 2204 on the Q46. lmao
  12. I don't know about you guys, but this backdoor thing has been working, making pick ups not only faster, but even drivers operate faster because of this. Except for a few cases where dudes feel like going 5-8 MPH on the Bx36 Limited and M11..
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