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  1. Steve and Marcel. Where you picked for your mini pick. Enjoy training. Subway is a different beast.
  2. Marcel. For us 14 people Went to Brooklyn, 13 to Bronx. You'll be able to gauge where you will do your training by those numbers. See where people live at.
  3. Great Steve. If you get the X jobs your class may wind up with some good spots, prob not the same for my 27 at the back of the current list going down to pick. Best of luck. I was in the Bronx for the yard training and although the commute was crazy for me, the guys, and bosses were all good to us. Listen to those senior guys. You'll learn a lot,( learning more now being actually at my job ), and be mindful of the safety of yourself and your gang. See you in the hole! Best of luck.
  4. Steve, Marcel. Is your class coming to the general pick? Or are you getting X jobs later on.
  5. what's up dudes. 2nd week of Track School. Can't wait for you 25-30 guys come in so we have seniority cause the next pick is coming soon. Best of Luck.
  6. whats up all, just a update for those waiting and anxious. just got home from day one orientation. all i can say is be ready for a long day. you will meet and be talked to by various management members discussing the usual HR-ish type of lectures. (conduct, ethics, being on time etc). we also met and completed pension paperwork and retirement plans as well as medical information. covered a lot of information today, not sure how much more there is tomorrow but am happy its moving along, and cant wait to get to track school and see what this is all about. if anybody who went through this remembers the second day, fill me in what im missing for tomorrow. thanks, good luck all!
  7. cptjcz, whats up dude...bout to start track school on monday. I know ill find out soon enough, but hows the scheduling work? is it a 6 day or 7 day working week. Also how are you assigned? after school do you get like a home yard, and you report within that vicinity or how does it work. Thanks dude for this info, and what youve already provided. Also, do they provide you with a uniform check, or give you any gear? thanks
  8. What are you guys wearing down to the orientation at the union hall? lol
  9. Whats up all... Just wanted to give you guys and update. I was down there today for medical and final processing. some heads ups, You will be there all day, make sure everything is filled out completely before going, have all your required documents and/or dispositions on you to submit, dont lie, bring lunch, and good luck. Very happy to say ill be in the class Feb 22. See you guys down there !!
  10. Thats great news. Thank for all your help. Hope to see you in the same class as me. Ill keep the forum posted to return the favor.
  11. so by swear you in, im assuming they tell you when to report for track school. hopefully thats the case.
  12. Does anybody know how this process works when i go..it says final processnig, so granted everything goes well when im down there, do i get an official start date that day?
  13. , Obiecoccoa, you recieved your email on thursday (yesterday)? Im between 460-470, hoping to get one asap, looks like im close enough..hopefully today. Fingers crossed... Steve keep me posted as well.
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