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  1. So it's likely that the r32 set will be running during the day time as well not just rush hours during the weekdays.
  2. So is it likely that a r32 set will be running tomorrow on the ?
  3. The R179's are good cars. They don't need to be gone. I have trust in the MTA. I understand the issues that they encountered, but i have faith that they would be reliable once they go through this carefully examination and analysis of the cars.
  4. I don't know how the MTA can make service on the without bringing back the R32's and maybe few R42's- depending on if they stripped some parts already. I know the R32's are in storage in the yards, same thing as the r42's. I understand the union's reason for not bringing them out in service. But when the and return to full service to some point in time, then the R32's would have to at least run in service if the r179's are not ready to return in service yet. You can't run just the r46's on the alone, it won't be enough. I have a feeling more r160's might transfer over to the line.
  5. I think the r32 final retirement run will be on the because of easy access to the yards and two wouldn't the NYC transit Museum prep the train up for its final run like it did with the r42s, like the train was shiny and clean before beginning it's final run. And also the transit museum has an right of way track connection that leads to the line in which the train can travel along the line and start it's trip at Euclid av. But I think the train can be another option.
  6. URGENT REPAIRS Mar 27 - 30, Fri 11:30 PM to Mon 5 AM Free shuttle buses replace trains at 148 St, 145 St, 135 St, 125 St, 116 St, and 110 St trains run between 241 St and 149 St-Grand Concourse and via the * (express) to/from Atlantic Av-Barclays Ctr, then resume service to/from Flatbush Av. trains run all weekend between New Lots Av and 96 St (express in Manhattan), and via the to/from 137 St.
  7. ELECTRICAL IMPROVEMENTS Apr 6 - 10, Mon to Fri, from 11:30 PM to 5 AM No trains between 71 Av and Jamaica Center or Jamaica-179 St ELECTRICAL IMPROVEMENTS Apr 6 - 10, Mon to Fri, from 11:30 PM to 12:30 AM Service between Queens Plaza and 71 Av in Queens is replaced by and trains
  8. They are not going to make the M train to 96 street permanent. After the L project is over, the M will return to it's normal weekend service pattern running between Metropolitan Av and Essex Street. And besides, they probably want to do work along the 6th av line. Remember the MTA is moving forward with modernized signals. The reason the M runs to 96th street on weekends is to provide an alternative with the L project occurring.
  9. TUNNEL REHABILITATION Mar 20 - 23, Fri 11 PM to Mon 5 AM Service between Broadway Junction, Brooklyn and 8 Av, Manhattan is replaced by the M14 and free shuttle buses
  10. There are shuttle buses, only for the between Queens Plaza and Court Sq. But it is only one stop and I think that is useless.
  11. So I am guessing the would use the 145th st program to 168th st along the line or unless they have a 168th st program already installed on the r160s
  12. Since the would be suspended this upcoming weekend 3/14-15, would the use some of the 4 car r179 sets in which they can be coupled into 5 car sets or would they let the 4 car r179 sets rest for the weekend since the won't be running. And I wonder if the would use a couple of r32 trains. I don't know if the can handle the load along the local stops in brooklyn because some of those stops can have a good amount of ridership where it is busy.
  13. TRACK MAINTENANCE Mar 9 - 13 • Mar 16 - 20, Mon to Fri, 8 AM to 10 AM and 4:45 PM to 6:30 PM Rush hour service temporarily reduced to accommodate track replacement work near Canal St
  14. URGENT TRACK REPAIRS Mar 6 - 9, Fri 11 PM to Mon 5 AM Downtown trains run local from 125 St to 59 St-Columbus Circle in Manhattan URGENT TRACK REPAIRS Mar 6 - 9, Fri 11 PM to Mon 5 AM Downtown trains run local from 125 St to 59 St-Columbus Circle in Manhattan STATION MAINTENANCE Mar 27 - 30, Fri to Mon, from 9:45 PM to 5 AM World Trade Center-bound trains skip Jamaica-Van Wyck in Queens TRACK MAINTENANCE Mar 27 - 30, Fri 11:45 PM to Mon 5 AM World Trade Center-bound trains skip Briarwood in Queens
  15. Here is the 8th ave signal repair work for next weekend in a more detailed format explaining what they are doing. Planned Service Changes March 13 – 16, Friday 11:45 PM to Monday 5 AM There will be no 8 Av service at 50 St, 42 St, 34 St, 23 St, and 14 St stations. rerouted via 6 Av; rerouted via Broadway. What you need to know about your service: What’s happening? Signal equipment near W 4 St on the Eighth Av Line keeps causing frequent delays and must be fixed. Our repair crews need a full weekend of uninterrupted track access to complete this work. Targeted fixes like this are necessary as we move toward a modernized signaling system across the subway network. While we repair our legacy signal system, we’re using this outage to do prep work for a modern Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) signal system on the line. We’ll also perform structural inspections and track work. Where will service run? will be rerouted via between 59 St-Columbus Circle and W 4 St. Trains will make local stops at 23 St and 14 St. is replaced in Manhattan by rerouted and overnight local service along Central Park West. will not run. will be rerouted via between Queens Plaza and Whitehall St, the last stop. will be rerouted via between 47-50 Sts and 59 St-Columbus Circle, and via local to/from 168 St, the last stop (days/evenings). What are the best travel alternatives? Use 6 Av stations to connect with rerouted A. Use Broadway stations to connect with rerouted . Manhattan West Side, Penn Station and Port Authority Bus Terminal: Use 7 Av Line and transfer between at 59 St-Columbus Circle and at Times Sq-42 St. Lower Manhattan: will make regular stops. Transfer between at 34 St-Herald Sq and (at Cortlandt St ) and at Chambers St. Brooklyn: trains will serve all stops in Brooklyn. What else should I know? customers headed to/from the Upper East Side: Get there with service via transfer at 34 St-Herald Sq or Lexington Av/63 St . and customers north of 59 St-Columbus Circle: Nightly FASTRACK service changes will take place Mar 16 – 20 and Mar 23 – 27, affecting service between 59 St and 207 St and service between 59 St and 161 St in the Bronx. For more details visit, mta.info.
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