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  1. good luck tomorrow to all my TA09/06/16 brothers and sisters tomorrow
  2. trying to gauge how i did today so did anybody drive today and not get the trolly pulled on them he got me 2 times
  3. another question bc i dont remember what they said is the pass number or the employee id your bcs number?
  4. gamer quick question maybe you know bc the women who processed me wasnt sure if we pass training she said we could pick our depot to do line training but it goes by list number but she wasnt sure if we could pick staten island? do you or anybody else know what boroughs we could pick from ( obviously it goes by need in each depot )
  5. me personally was about a month and a half and that included 2 drug test bc my first one expired. But it all really depends on demand ithink also anybody going in soon for the first time you should take a look at your license if it doesnt have your full name they wont process you until you go to the dmv and change it for example my id only had my first inatial not my full name.
  6. Just finished final processing today and have to head to zeraga on sept 6th. Wish i was able to give my employer 2 weeks but i think he will understand.
  7. hey guys i have questions for some of the guys who got on the job recently or anybody who has info on what shifts you get when/if you make it out of training and how the benifits are as well as the pension plan. TIA
  8. just called up dcas im list number 3** and was on an outstanding cert but no longer. also says last list number hired was 95 and last number certified is in the 1000s. has anybody else recieved a letter or any new info. I have not moved or changed address any info would be great TIA
  9. Svjbk it wont say air brakes on it bc it is a requirment for a class b cdl. So for example you cant get your permit until you pass general knowledge and air brakes test.
  10. I took my road test and passed earlier this month. a couple of things I did to help me with memorizing the pre trip is I would try and write the whole process down from start to finish in a notebook and then check my work also made my last lesson the day of my road test really helped. I also asked my instructor what the route of the road test is and drove it in my car a couple of times to remember where the bridges, overpasses, parks or school zones and railroads are also the most important thing is when ever your not in the bus is to secure the bus and TAKE the key with you.
  11. sorry one more question. Do you need the actual diploma or is a transcript ok?
  12. hold on they are checking parking tickets?
  13. 161 passanger do you know the protocal of postponing and if so do you get pushed to the back of the list?
  14. Very happy to hear that after a long wait we are getting called but i have a situation that could use some insight i am list #3xx and have not recieved a letter but i would assume im in the next batch but i am not going to be in the city the weekend of the 25th my question is do they call ppl weekly and if so is it only on fridays to come down for certifications? TIA
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