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  1. So when is the B46 going to receive its artics, most of the stops have been converted already. And the B46 needs them more than any of these routes
  2. So is East New York isn’t getting Artics ?
  3. What will the rockaway parkway redesign look like ? What new features, new bus terminals? Like what the plan for this project
  4. Topic - B103 1. Why is this route so indirect going a very long And bendy route 2. Why is there only limited and no local service, was it always like this ? 3. Why is this line one of the highest frequency lines in Brooklyn? Why wasn’t it ever considered to be come an articulated route ? 4. Is this line ever going to to considered for select bus service? 5. Why is the placement of stops so weird for not stopping in front the Q station at cortelyou rd 6. Why is the 103 just so weird
  5. B81 ENY Depot Broadway Junction or any north Brooklyn/Queens terminal to Downtown Brooklyn via Eastern Parkway Full Length from Broadway to grand army plaza. would that route ever work ?
  6. They don’t give kids fines they are kids .. kids farebeat on every route, most they can do is tell them to use your school metro card to get a ticket
  7. I always thought it should terminate at myrtle and Broadway
  8. Yeah we all know those routes but like other side routes like how queens,Bronx,Manhattan have thier side routes that’s not a main route but is still articulated
  9. Off topic but when most Brooklyn depots like Eny ,Grand , Jackie Gleason*, Flatbush*, (fresh pond and ulmer park if they are becoming Arctic depots ) are more Brooklyn routes going to become articulated ? if so which routes would use artics
  10. Just seen new cummo wrap xd40 7560 on the B17 ENY
  11. Since when b17 from utica ends at rockaway parkway station ?
  12. These buses don’t come on time . Just I had wait like 15-20 min for 82sbs after I missed one at flatlands and 81st and it wen it came it was packed. It seems to me the Bensonhurst bound buses is the am peak direction ,because there are way more buses in the that direction
  13. Thank you . It’s sbs buses are supposed to come back to back especially since they running 40 footers and we need weekends service as well . I don’t understand the b82 sbs is getting the under treatment as if it’s not a major line . Honestly I believe this all because of the postponement.
  14. Don’t you think 9min in the am is kinda long for a sbs bus when the 6 limited comes in 3-4 mins and pm 10 min when the 6 limited comes in like every 3-4 min in bunches as well. The 6 is being used extra because people don’t know about sbs or the 6 just comes before and by the time 82 sbs comes the stops are empty . I think am and pm rush should be aleast 5-7 minutes and we need to continue to promote sbs so it can gain ridership because who used to take the limited aren’t taking the sbs.
  15. How did the Brooklyn re design meeting go ? Anything info new routes changes
  16. We have to speak and fight for it (maybe at Brooklyn redesign meeting)
  17. Is this just a proposal or it is confirmed to be happening because residents who live west of rockaway parkway/flatlands ave needs direct service to the train stations as well this L5 line would only benefit half of Canarsie. Some riders would have to take 1 or 2 buses to catch the L5 bus
  18. What the wastern part of Canarsie , west of rockaway parkway (90-80 streets) , what benefits do we gets ? We don’t have direct service to trains?
  19. That’s what I’m saying , the morning rush going towards rockaway parkway station is basically similar to the b46 going to Utica ave station buses are going to packed back to back , and most riders get off at rockaway maybe some can short turn there and head back toward Cropsey ave ?
  20. So during peak rushes how many buses will be out for 82 ? And how many are currently out for the 46 ? (Am & Pm Rush)
  21. THE ROCKAWAY PARKWAY AREA IS A MESS BUSES ARE STUCK FOR MORE THAN 15 IN THE AREA with buses switching drivers ,Traffic,confusion,and construction it’s terrible
  22. Has there been anything that’s has come out of the meeting about the B82 SBS that was supposedly happening Friday
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