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  1. @eriknyc, did your classmate fail the practical and then got put back on the list? Was it the same list he/she originally came from? I'm hoping the rumors that list 8098 is being extended and I can get back on board quickly
  2. That's exactly it,my family and friends were all patting me in the back congratulating me and people have seen me proudly walking in my uniform and now my career is in a big bag ready to be recycled. I def appreciate the words of encouragement, honestly the superintendent wasn't an a*****e, I just let my nerves get the best of me. I rather not say what class I was in
  3. Question for anyone who might have knowledge, I failed my final yard practical and the retest with a superintendent. Now I have to hand in all of my uniforms and tools. I am beyond crushed, is there any chance that I could be put back on the list for t/o 8098 or do basically have to take the next t/o exam in june. I can't believe I screwed this up after waiting for so long. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. LOQV, what did they say at Livingston regarding not being called?
  5. @loqv, that is correct. 12/31/15 was the one and only time I took drug test
  6. LOQV, I took the drug test 12/31/15. Check the spam/junk folder of your email. Man I hope the email didn't go there and you missed it OK thanks guys for the driving vs mass transit advice.
  7. Bx316, I took the drug test 12/31/15. Was advised by email on 1/13/16 that I passed and had to show up to Livingston on 1/15/16 for medical. I passed medical and was told that same day the I would start training 2/1/16
  8. What's with the horror stories regarding T/O position. Any current T/O's wanna chime in
  9. Thanks for the words of encouragement, I'm Def gonna be on time and will be all ears. What I'm the most afraid of is the signal exam seems serious. Question ralphed007, is it cool to drive once it's time to start at ps 248 or is mass transit the best option?
  10. Hi everyone, start T/O training Feb 1st, excited and nervous at the same time
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