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  1. Just wondering if anyone has gotten any word of list numbers/score for this exam?? I believe the current list expires next month and still nothing.
  2. I believe its 1 point for every 3 months of service? 15 points max.... could be conpletely wrong though
  3. Guys be aware that there are TWO answer keys depending on what date you took exam... I checked my answers first with the answer key date 01/11, saw i had 20/80 score and knew something had to be wrong... low and behold there was an answer key for my date of examination 01/10 and realized i really got 78/80. Gave me quite a scare so heads up n good luck!
  4. No chance anything under that?? Thanks for the response though!
  5. For list numbers, were looking at what, August/September maybe?? I took Conductor promo last June and still no list numbers...
  6. Any idea when we might be getting a list number for this exam?? Took it and did extremely well according to the answer key, just wondering when we might be getting our list numbers... been half a year so far.
  7. Also took the exam yesterday, I expected more Train Operation related questions rather than this reading comprehension exam we got.. happy to say im extremely confident I did very well. Question though: Whats the standard of sick time to have a smooth promotion?? Im not on sick control or anything but ive called out here n there... current TO list expires Sept. Of this year I believe so hopefully they start hiring soon after that.. ill be sure to behave myself from this point with calling out but i was wondering if theres any set standard to your record they would look at. Good luck to all who took the exam and hope to see everyone at School Car!
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