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  1. Dude want a fast fix simple drop LIRR fares and increase service problem solved done. This way you make trips easier for those going to LI(nassau) and Manhattan and Brooklyn want the switch at jamacia for kew gardens, Forest hills and jackson heights and LIC want brooklyn you may get a one seat ride? Want penn? either way more frequent cheaper LIRR service will accomplish the same thing and even more as it serves more travel markets than the extension ever could. RBB would allow more frequent QBL local service and at the same time cut travel times. OK we hear you good point. They are looking for an excuse to cut the B62. OK which projects would do this best?
  2. Can't they boost service and have the go express to jay street except rush hour kings hwy trips to eliminate the unneeded delays?
  3. But then again how else can the N36 become useful? As it is it is useless and serves a bunch of nothing. N33 is isolated with few meaningful connections at this rate they will both go bye bye. But then again nobody cares.
  4. This is still shortsighted except the extension sort of. Just make LIRR service frequent on the western nassau lines and have them all make stops in eastern queens you get more bang for the buck and can be implemented very quickly. Better idea boost LIRR service and freedom ticket problem solved that money can be used for the triboro RX which can increase capacity of both the metro-north and LIRR drastically and do much more than a subway extension to an area where boosted LIRR would accomplish the same thing and more. To be fair the best thing the RBB would do is increase capacity on the queens blvd local and if done a certain way spare trains from having to deal with the mess at forest hills allowing trains to continue past onward to the rockaways. It doesn't have to pass through rego park or the entire ROW. They can build new connections to forest hills or jamacia yard allowing direct access into the QBL switch for express trains to manhattan. After CBTC new service patterns can be considered.
  5. It would improve reliability of the Q20 local service allowing the MTA to run more buses with the same equipment as in a frequency boost on it's essential portion while dropping the redundant archer ave segment avoiding that area people would have to use the for connections to other buses but then you have a point as main street can get screwed south of main street.
  6. So basically your saying broke people are not allowed in riverdale due to poor education and work ethic. So middle class is not welcome just flat out say it.
  7. It would attract more ridership to the N35 by creating new trip possibilities without needing the LIRR. Like Baldwin to long beach currently requires 2 transfers if not near LIRR station plus a 3rd if going to areas along N33. You may get a small increase in ridership due to easier access. Far rockaway LIRR is pathetically infrequent is the main reason people ignore it at hourly headways it is essentially useless.
  8. It's called a fleet swap with the (r160 only) , maybe and other lines with R160 not the though. true but it can be worked around. Sadly extreme compromises may need to be made. That may work actually.
  9. You are right the MTA couldn't care less about the it is essentially a useless service sadly at the expense of south Brooklyn riders
  10. Too many unneeded reroutes simplify it to fewer please. It's called the transfer heard of it?
  11. There is a new thing called SEPTA key which will allow you to pay with credit cards and smartphones so you won't need cash. For now it only works on buses,trolleys and subways ect that aren't regional rail(yet) .
  12. GET A PASS like every other smart SEPTA rider.
  13. To be fair 49th street is a short walk to 42nd street.
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