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  1. I lived off the all those years too, and still do. I am almost positive it was sometime in 2015. This is very bizarre, I vividly remember it but I can't find my videos or any others. I guess I am going nuts. Hopefully someone else eventually remembers it too.
  2. I vividly remember at least one set of R42s operating on the (A) sometime in 2015 or 2016. It was decidedly after and seperate from the period when all 50 were assigned to the (A) in 2012. Not sure how many cars were assigned, and for some reason I can find no information or videos online from this. I took my own videos a couple times but have not been able to find them. Does anyone else remember this or am I going nuts??
  3. Has the cause of the pull-apart been identified?
  4. I don’t think anything is going to be cancelled as far as new cars. The R46s are 45 years old and unlike the R32s and many other 60’ SMEE cars, they did not receive a full structural rebuild and reinforcement during GOH. Don’t forget that even the almighty stainless steel can experience fatigue and stress cracks. These cars are going to need to be retired in the near future.
  5. Did I ever say they could? Below is what I meant.
  6. Most railfans don't even know what that stuff is. Personally buses bore me to death, I really don't understand the appeal.
  7. Saw an R32 heading uptown at 175 St today around 6:25 pm. Bottom roll signs were set between destinations or in one case to “South Terminal” because of the Jay St GO. Only one or two cars actually appeared to have Jay St-Boro Hall destinations.
  8. Don’t get too excited. There’s a 99.9% chance all 5 of these cars will be scrapped
  9. That looks like 5286-9 as well. I know it's a long shot but it would be awesome to somehow make 5240 operational using some/all of this set. Anyone know if it would be possible to link two A cars like the R46s, or is there equipment on the B cars that is needed?
  10. Where is 5286-9? I had heard something about a 4-unit set of R44s surviving the 2013 scrapping but I never saw anything confirming that. Supposedly they were badly flooded in Sandy as well.
  11. So it’s no longer worth preserving more pairs of R32s in the transit museum because they don’t have ceiling fans and because the doors aren’t blue anymore?? I’m sorry but that’s a stupid reason. Any car that survives 55+ years in revenue service is worth special treatment in preservation IMO, so I maintain that it would be worth preserving another pair or two to represent the prolonged-life fleet. I doubt they’ll do that, but that’s because of lack of space/funds etc., not because someone thinks they “lost their color” and “aren’t interesting.”
  12. Well considering they do use the R42s on the TOMM, I don’t think it’s because the type is still in service. The Phase II R32s were not well-running cars, especially with their NYAB brake system. And keep in mind the actual point of preservation: what is around today and what may seem “bland” now certainly won’t down the road. All the car types currently in the museum were once plentiful in regular service and otherwise unremarkable. I’m glad not everyone has the mindset you do, otherwise nothing would have been saved and there would be no museum fleet.
  13. Absolutely. Once retired they will be among the longest serving cars of all time, and that’s definitely worth preservation. I would even go as far as saying it would be worth having a whole 8-car train of them - there is already a TOMC and TOMM. If two Phase I pairs are saved, this could be done I don’t remember exactly which components were original, but I do remember that they sounded like GOH R38s.
  14. I remember a similar incident riding on the last car of an R38 train (this was towards the end of their lives, around 2007-08). We were plodding along on the express run between 168 and 145, probably passing under 155, when one single door slowly drifted about halfway open on the left side of the car. No loss of the indication light, no loss of power, nothing. About 5-10 seconds later it engaged the door motor and closed. Luckily the car was almost empty and no one was even standing up, let alone leaning on the doors.
  15. Probably to prevent foamers from stealing them so they can keep them to sell in the surplus store.
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