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  1. Fresh pond is brooklyn division. Though They have some lines that service queens. Same for Grand Ave.
  2. I know ive stated this before , but ill repeat it since its relevant. I was hired exactly 1 year after i had an AT FAULT accident with 0 injuries and minimal damage , around 1500$. Just specify with paperwork exactly what happened and do not lie and you will be fine.
  3. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT DMV TOAD TEST::: When doing your air brakes test there are 6 steps. Some of the dmv instructors will stop you after your 2nd or 3rd and say OK now parallel park. DO NOT PROCEED until you have completed ALL air brake tests. I promise you this will happen and i know people who have failed because of this. Something to keep in mind for those of you going soon.
  4. Just a little reminder for those not familiar with the process...as the TA list has just called 200 or so, the OA LIST is still active and they may be the next batch of list numbers to be called. There is absolutely no way to know which list will be receiving letters and when. So please temper your expectations about timing and maintain a clean driving record. My advice is to get your permit, do your road test and continue with your life as usual ASSUMING you wont get called for a while, regardless of list #.
  5. I had 8 points on my abstract on my appointment date. Only 4 were held against me. I also had a small accident within 12 months of my hiring date.
  6. If you received a violation with points attached to it they will count from exactly 3 years to the day of the violation regardless of conviction date.
  7. I would advise anyone without cdl permit and a processing date in the next 7 days to go tomorrow/asap. You will need to be medically certified by a doctor within the registry of doctors before u can obtain the permit. This may back you up a day or two so do not wait. (Like i did)
  8. I dont think you're going to find the correct answer to that question on this forum. I would recommend to your friend that he speak to his lawyer, as anyone responding would just be guessing.
  9. After a little research im pretty confident that every single # on the list starts out as an "outstanding certification". This means you are NOT eligible for hiring until your credentials have been verified. Once they reach your number on the list and verify your hiring eligibility your # will be changed to "not on an outstanding certification". My brother has a list # in the 1000s range im gonna call for him and see if i get the same message
  10. Out of curiosity i just called and received the same "outstanding certification" message. My list # is 52X though so i wouldnt get too excited just yet, it may say that for everyone.
  11. Considering 3400s are line training already, im sure 35s and 36s are already qualifying and/or have been called for processing. The next 2 months are nonstop hiring months so i honestly wouldnt be surprised if the first few 4600s have already received letters for processing.
  12. The working number is the total number of points you have in the last THREE years...from the DATE OF THE VIOLATION. Not the conviction date.
  13. I was hired march 23 2015. I had a small accident that was considered my fault by the police report and about 1500 in damage total nobody injured. This accident was February of 2014. They never even asked me about it...just dont lie. Be very explicit when asked about the details of the accident.
  14. When they pull in a group off the list for processing at livingston they have a preset number of students they need for a full class at zerega. Say that number is 100...they will initially send out letters to 100 people for processing. At the end of the day at least half of those people will be disqualified or on hold for reasons specified above. Then they will send out another 100 letters to fill the remaining 50 spots. Suppose of the second group of 100 they filled their quota after 75 people, the other 25 will not get called for final processing. Thats why you hear of people getting called to livingston for a drug test and then getting a second letter telling them theyre good for now and they have to wait to get called back. When i was there, people were dropping like flies lol. I saw a few people get placed on hold just from the vision test alone. But on a good note i was called in for drug test on a Monday, called in for medical on friday at which point they will tell you it will be 3-90 days wait and i was appointed 3 days later.
  15. @nycgamer18. Because my uncle works at yukon and i have him asking all the mew students that come in what their list numbers are lol. You gotta think if that number is line training already they may have already called the remainder of the list. To fill the zerega classroom with 80-100 people they probably have to burn thru at least 200-300 of the list.
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