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  1. riello2u, yes! depends where you end up with your classes mini pick, but generally there is O.T. let us know how many people make the July 17th class when you get there, thanks.
  2. #83X just completed the medical & was sworn in on 10/05 & was assigned to the Happy Halloween OCT,31st class. Best of luck to all.
  3. list #83x. Does anyone have a better number for info other then 347-643-8231 or 8230? I went for the drug test on the 15th of July & saw on the thread that someone with list #82x was called back for the medical & I'm concerned that maybe I missed their notification to come in. I called the numbers provided but after trying for two hours I got a lady that literally told me that she couldn't give me info cause she was backed up on calls & had to continue taking calls & that I should try back another time. any info would be great thanks in advance.
  4. My apologies for the bad info regarding the educational requirements, there is NO educational requirements for this exam as stated in (Notice Of Exam).
  5. FHdriver my bad on the diploma info, I been applying to so many positions that require it just felt natural that it did. hope all went well at your appointment.
  6. Hello people, I went down to 180 Livingston today & got some info that might help the next candidates that get called to report. Read the appointment letter carefully it will tell you everything you need to bring. show up at least 30-45min early or else you will be there another 2hrs longer. Once you get there you will get a # ticket then be directed to another counter & waiting area, I suggest you sit up front cause they will then tell everyone to form a single line to start handing out clips boards with additional paper work to be filled out & they will call you back in that order not your ticket # so the quicker your get on that line the quicker your processed. Work history is 10yrs back my last job was over 10yrs so I only had to list that one job. Any gaps between jobs in the past 10yrs put it down as unemployed to fill up the time. Same with residency 10yrs back only. They made an announcement that they only want you to put down any pending tickets (moving violations) & (parking) not past tickets that have been resolved as they will be checking your abstract there anyway. Out of state drivers need to bring there abstracts & can not be older then 30 days. Now for my issue, I had 15 points on my abstract from (cell phone) (speeding under 20mph) & (disobeying traffic device) no accidents or serious moving violations & no suspensions cause I plead guilty & in return the judge waived my suspension & yes I had an attorney. I was told to return back when the points get reduced to 4 or less & they go back 3yrs by the date of (violation) not the date of (conviction). That's all I got for now, hope this helps someone. all the best -sean Yes that's what they announced to the entire room, that any pending tickets parking & moving should be put down. that's how the city gets you to pay.
  7. Hello FHdriver, I was down there today & from what I can tell you is that a H.S. diploma or the GED is required. They may or may not hold up your processing, you just have to ask them when you get there. as for the driving record as long as its clean & you have no pending tickets moving violations & parking your ok. They said to the entire group today that they only want you to put down pending tickets that old tickets as long as there resolved didn't matter as they will be pulling your abstract to get that info. hope this helps & show up at least 30-45min early to get a jump on the line. good luck.
  8. DCAS# 1-212-669-1357 DCAS# 1-212-669-1357
  9. Hello all, my list # is 10XX. I have more then 4 points on my drivers abstract will they let me take my name off the list & reinstate it once my record has cleared up or, once they check my record I'm removed without further consideration?
  10. Hello, & congrats to everyone who made the list for exam# 4600. I recently posted on the 21st of January, asking if anyone had any information regarding whether a candidate could remove there list # from the list & reinstate it at a later date, & if so how long can they keep there # off the list. Any info would be greatly appreciated thank you.
  11. Hello, & congrats to all who made the list. Does anyone know if & how long someone can hold there list #?
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