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  1. Anyone know when the August class starts
  2. For those of you waiting to be reinstated (I previously declined) It took about 2 and a half months for me to get a letter in the mail saying my request had been approved.
  3. Already asked this but just gonna ask again. I turned down my April 11th start date for school car after I passed the drug test because timing was horrible. I emailed 5 or 6 weeks ago and asked to be reinstated. Does anyone have info on how long it takes (about) to be called for the next class? I know it varies, but I am dying at my current job and either need to get a new one... or hope the mta calls me soon. Sucks waiting. Thanks guys.
  4. Thanks man. The only thing I'm most nervous about is moving back into the City for this job and then either hating it, or failing out of school car. Got wife and kids.. The job I have now pays almost the same but no good retirement benefits and health coverage isn't as good. Can you tell me some of the best things you're liking about it so far? You say its definitely worth it and i'm looking for some positive info.
  5. Thank you. I just called actually. She remembered me and said she is finishing up filling school car with the list she currently has and once she is done with that she will be able to add me to the next one. Not sure exactly how it works but I think I'll be fine. Pretty sure they fill classes a couple months at a time. I'll probably have to wait until at least the fall. We'll see!!
  6. Wow thanks guys. Excellent to hear I don't have to live in the City. Currently in PA but hoping to move to Jersey if all goes well. I will post if I get a call back and find out more about being reinstated. Really sucks that the Timing was off for me, but I really hope to be reinstated.
  7. Thanks everyone. Glad to hear they extended the list. I emailed Mrs. Vargas and all she said was to request to be reinstated, give my list # and phone number. I didn't know it actually has to be approved. Was I supposed to write my reasoning for turning it down in the first place and try to convince them to reinstate me? My email was very simple so I hope they don't deny it. One more question, can I live outside of the City and work for them? I read you HAVE TO live in the city unless you get permission. Are they strict about it? Thanks! GL to everyone waiting!
  8. I have a question about reinstatement as well. I went in for drug test back in January and finally got called for final processing in the beginning of April. It was really bad timing so I turned it down and I emailed Mrs Vargas and she said I needed to ask in writing to be reinstated. My question is, how long does that take and is it likely they will accept me back onto the list? Hopefully it won't take too long, I know the list is expiring soon. Thanks.
  9. Thanks Train OP. Congrats to you. I took the drug test on 1/13 and still haven't received an email. Good to know that its an email though.. guess I'll keep checking every day. Thanks.
  10. Also, did they let you know by email or did they call you?
  11. Hey Train OP, when was your drug test, medical, and when did they let you know that you are starting Feb 1st? I'm hoping they give more than a weeks notice. I don't currently live in the City so its going to be a big move, just want an idea of how quickly things are moving right now. Thanks.
  12. It's not showing my posts yet (new to the group) but I thought drug tests expire after 90 days? I flew 3,000 miles just to take the drug test last week and I'm feeling a little discouraged if I am going to have to fly back if my DT expires in less than 3 weeks. Please keep updating any info. Thanks.
  13. Took my drug test last Wednesday. Anyone else? They said to check our email the following Wednesday (which was yesterday) and I still haven't got anything.
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