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  1. When you guys took the books of rules test, how was it? Did they put any signals and definitions/ horns and whistles? Was there fill-ins, true and false?
  2. It's overwhelming at first but like its been said study study study.
  3. Congrats guys. Be patient and study till then. I start orientation and training next week.
  4. Congrats!! I was a nervous wreck during my interview too and I thought I wasn't going to get called, days later they called me. You'll get called in no time.
  5. Congratulations! How's the job so far?
  6. cool, thanks. How far along in training you are? 100% on the signal names 80% on the indications and definitions. 50 questions in total, so I want to say you can only get 10 wrong between indications and definitions. It seems like a lot(and it is lol) but if you do a few words and signals everyday you'll be fine. Good luck.
  7. cool, thank you. Do I need to still fill out the paperwork they sent since I'm only going down to be placed on hold? 82x my list number
  8. Just received my letter to report Thursday for the pre-employment process. How do I go about putting myself on hold?
  9. cleared the medical How is training for the guys who started already?
  10. I have a question. I might go into training for assistant conductor trainee for LIRR in September. Will i be able to put myself on hold for 4600 if I get a letter during training? If so, how? and how long does it last?(list # 82x btw) Just in chance LIRR doesn't work out ill still like to have this opportunity. Thanks in advance.
  11. Anybody started training? How is it? Yeah the hr lady said they have classes at the beginning and end of sept, also in Jan. Good luck
  12. How is training? The instructor said day 2 there would be a quiz I think.
  13. Took the s&d test today and passed. The time from finishing the test to waiting for the results felt like the longest 15-20 mins of my life. I feel like I did terrible on the panel interview,so we'll see how it goes from here. Next class is in September, hopefully I'll get called for it.
  14. Hi I am also taking the test on august 10. I been using index cards and been studying at night and whatever free time I get at work as well. Good luck
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