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  1. Anyone took today's test? How was it?
  2. The current minimum salary is $14.8227 per hour and increases to $16.1075 per hour after 30 months. That's hardly a sweet gig for a college graduate IMO.
  3. What was your score on the 6600 test? How many wrong?
  4. Was the test difficult? How long did it take you? Did they provide enough time?
  5. I still don't understand how they are calling people without first establishing a list of eligible candidates and finalizing the test results?
  6. If your a Sabbath observer, how do you request weekends off?
  7. Has the MTA finalized the answer key for 6600? If not, how are they offering positions to people who took the exam without a Final version answer key for exam 6600?
  8. I think the scores in the mail will come sometime in beginning to middle of 2017. I think the oral test is given AFTER you are called from the list and are being considered for hire.
  10. Can you please explain to me how a post protest works? If a person does not have a chance to attend a protest session but they know they have question number "X" wrong according to the proposed answer key, how are they supposed to protest question "X"? Do they just write a letter to MTA stating "I believe the proposed answer is incorrect and the answer I gave is better"? How does the MTA realistically expect you to protest a question without going to a protest session and obtaining access to the exam booklet during the protest session to be able to review the questions and answers?
  11. How did the protest session go? Where there many participants for the PM session?
  12. Did you find out information about how the protest session works from someone in the MTA? Did you have a chance to protest any questions yet?
  13. The problem is if I or anyone else successfully protested a proposed answer that was arbitrary I am not the only one to benefit. Everyone else who picked the same answer as me will also benefit. I don't receive any preference or extra credit for being analytical or proving that MTA's proposed answer was illogical or arbitrary. I don't receive preference in hiring or promotion. Is that fair? If I took a day off from work to attend the protest while someone else did not why do I not receive any extra credit?
  14. Based on our polls small sample size we see a statistical bell curve. That is to say most people (the majority) who responded on this forum received 3 or 4 incorrect (50% as of 07/10/2016 9:55 PM EST). I can only hope that some questions had multiple answers or were somehow unfair and can be successfully protested. One should also hope that the people who responded to the poll on this website are above average compared to all the people who took the test for this position (it may be because usually people who are genuinely interested tend to score better then people who just take the test and hope for the best). if you have yet to take the poll you are invited to do so. Please be honest when responding. The information we gain from this poll is only as good as the responses we get (honest and large sample size).
  15. HERE IS A POLL: PLEASE ANSWER HONESTLY. http://goo.gl/AyutGv
  16. Will you be at the MTA Protest session this Monday, 07/11/2016 from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM? I am very interested in reviewing what this question was asking this Monday during the Protest session...
  17. I put "B" for # 31 and according to the proposed answer key the correct answer is "C". What was the answer you put for this question? "B" also?
  18. I doubt people who scored 95-100 are the drug users... So therefore I don't think that will happen. Go to the protest and challenge any unfair questions. That's probably your best chance of being called sooner unfortunately...
  19. How many applicants were there for the Station Agent exam (#6600)? Do you or anyone on this forum know how many took this exam?
  20. Can we make an anonymous poll of users on the forum to find out when they took the test (date and AM or PM sessions) and which questions they received wrong for that particular session. This way we can compare notes and see if many people had a particular question # marked as incorrect (as per the proposed answer key). Maybe we could have a separate poll for each test date and AM/PM session... Is this possible?
  21. Did anyone else mark the questions with multiple correct answers? I have a feeling (perhaps wishful) that one or two questions can be protested. In that case a 95% (as an example) can become a 96.25 (1 successfully protested question) or a 97.5% (2 successfully protested questions) which may dramatically improve your chances of being called. Does anyone know how many conductors the MTA hires a year on average?
  22. They didn't call you from the last conductor exam yet? How long have you waited? How many people in front of your old conductor exam list number?
  23. The protest is on different dates for different people (dependent on when you took the test). They have many different dates. The more people that protest a specific questions proposed answer the more likely I suspect they consider changing it.
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