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  1. Quick question regarding the new batch of LFS's. Will these buses be pushing out any BX Orion VII NG Hybrids or any other of the Bronx's 40 foot fleets, or is it to soon to tell?
  2. Can confirm the following fleets were on the Bronx Shuttle: Gun Hill: Nova LFSA, LFS, Orion 7 NG Hybrid Kingsbridge: NF XD60, Nova LFSA, Orion 7 NG Hybrid West Farms: NF XN40, NF XN60, NF C40LF, Nova LFSA
  3. Don't know if anyone has already reported this.... #1072 has been put in revenue service and is in +Select Bus scheme. Was seen on the [2] shuttle
  4. Yeah, the WF XN60's are now doing BX-6 SBS work. The XN40's are being phased out of SBS service, and in the process of being un-wrapped. #726 was seen on the BX-31 with SBS wrapping
  5. Why doesn't Yukon wrap some LFS's to do the S-79 SBS? That will give those NG's a break, where they can either gtfo of SI, or be re-assigned to local routes in SI.
  6. With all these XD40's coming in to push the RTS's out, are there any chances of the RTS's getting moved up to any of the Bronx depots to live out their final days? My bet is that WF could pick up a handful when the O7 CNG's retire, b/c if WF is planning on making the Bx-6 SBS an all XN60 fleet, I would think it would take a few weeks to unwrap the current Bx-6 SBS fleet (720-736). Who knows....it's a interesting idea, that probably won't happen lmao
  7. I wonder if the MTA would do a split contract between Alexander Dennis and MCI to replace a good chunk (if not all) of the pre-06 MCI buses. Staten Island could take the DD's, and Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx would take the MCI's. Obviously, it's too early to tell, but it's still an idea to think about. Poor Prevost....xD
  8. No. From what I heard, the XN60 fleet will kill off any remaining Orion 7 CNG's (all of which are at WF). My guess is that the last bus to be taken out of revenue service will be around Q4 of 2018 (Early Q1 of 2019 if you're lucky)
  9. When are the tanks on the Orion VII CNG's suppose to expire by? Do you think they can live til about next summer?
  10. Lol. I completely forgot about the Bx23. I was more thinking about GH or KB.
  11. I believe the Bx6 is using the SBS wrapped XN40's How likely is it for the RTS's to make one final comeback to the Bronx, before they all get scrapped?
  12. When the XN60's arrive for WF, do you think they will have them on specific routes or do they plan to use them on all WF routes?
  13. Does anyone know what Bee Line's next purchase of buses will be?
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