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  1. They paid you for maternity leave even while on probabtion? Reason being i asked a union rep if it was paid while on probation and they told me no. Also from what i know you dont have to make up those hours because that's your time that was saved.
  2. I had him for day 1-7 hes a really good and fair guy dont worry you got this. Day 8 and 9 route is way easier.
  3. Do you get your 1st paycheck right after training or does it take a few weeks?
  4. Yea i think they played me lol. Last time i did everything my medical and final processing the same day when i was gonna do OA but this time they made me do them seperate
  5. They dont do medical and final processing in the same day anymore. Now once you pass your medical you have to wait for them to contact you again to come back for final processing. At that point they will tell you to bring that 21 pg packet.
  6. Good to know thanks Do you have to pick a depot right then and there or they give you time to think it over?
  7. Does anyone know how they tell you whether you passed of failed training? Do they do it in front of everyone or pull you aside?
  8. Dec 12th to my knowledge there no more november classes
  9. The next class is on May 2nd. I think they should call you if not withing the next few months sometime before this year is up. The next class isn't until may 2nd. Yes it is.
  10. I go on Tuesday to do my medical. They got back to me in less than a week after i took my drug test.
  11. I would say about 2 to 3 wks before you go do your medical.
  12. I messed up on the railroad crossing at Maspeth and the examiner didn't fail me however she deducted 15 points. I didn't even realiz that i stopped pass the gate until she called it out. She was really nice i agree it depends on the examiner because any other examiner probably would've failed me.
  13. My list # is 66** and i rec'd my letter yesterday. Have to go to 180 Livingston on Tuesday.
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