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  1. https://www.njtransit.com/mobile/careers/m_career_landing.html
  2. Oh good luck dm me the interview process . Be confident and you will get in don’t want to be talk about another organization in here since this is mta wish you the Best
  3. Also, if anyone scheduled to take the r211 on work , take a photo lol I hope I can capture one in august .
  4. Same with refereeing, I love kids though. I got few more year to join ncaa softball division. If nothing call me in don’t know how long nj transit take , I know the result come out in two week, faster than mta but the hiring process is slow like mta .
  5. For nj transit once applications come, if it decline you, keep reapplying I heard people applied four -six time to get called in for testing. I applied twice and max spam the transit email they finally gave me spot for testing after a full two years 😭
  6. Thank you , wish you the best in mta did you get int already? Sadly on mta I am all the way on the bottom , I got bus operator in low list numbers but two established list still not done guess I just focused my degree as teacher for back up. Never know what to expect with transit. i am a Hs softball umpire right now and flag football referee spring time only.
  7. I applied but I can’t pay the fee?They have check my initial evaluation. Wonder what that is, is that the new way of hiring applications now? usually I applied, I paid the test fee.
  8. Welcome to 2020 where tablet can change everything 😂😂😂😂 i also wonder what the station agent going to do now lol
  9. I got a question, how come you apply ,they check your initial evaluation now? You can’t the pay the fee straight I applied to fare enforcement agent but didn’t need to pay the fee ?
  10. Who you talking to? Mta conductor exam is not out yet. Should be soon. The last exam was out around 2016 and was delayed because of the 2008 established list extended for 6 years nj Assistant conductor ended already , I think so but I am not sure, you can check nj transit career website for that information.
  11. It is max 10 years wait this test will extend or won’t extend I am 13*** but I scored a 91 mta position is patiently wait , people fail class and don’t make it or they declined the offer i think they up-to the top 1000s.
  12. You forgot to add the 10 year wait in the exam given in 2008 NJ TRANSIT RESULT COME IN TWO WEEK PRGAM BEIGIN IN A YEAR OR MAYBE THIS SUMMER. SO THEIR HR RUN MORE QUICKER THAN MTA CLASS JUST GRADUATED FEW MONTHS AGO. IT IS THE SAME THING, YOU DO ANNOUNCE STEPS, YOU DO CLOSE THE DOOR. YOU DO TALK TO HEAD CONDUCTOR IF A MECHANICAL FAillURE HAPPENS or customer have no money to pay ticket, how to deal with that. WE HAVE AN 1 year and a month training because we deal with customer a lot mta conductor just chilled inside a cab and wait for each stop and announce each stop that easy in real life. We also sometime help out on platform with directions and scanning tickets that soon will be mta too after metrocard rip
  13. I am taking nj transit conductor exam upcoming weds... hopefully that go faster. same exact thing just one differences is checking tickets.
  14. How long will they start calling from the exam 9604. Meanwhile i attend school, work in post office and wait . I want ti become a bus supervisor. people tell me to join amtrak because they have no supervisor.
  15. Thank god i was in accident with a Truck who was too impatient and cut me off. I was right in middle intersection blocking traffic. Police wrote he make a complete full turn ( no he didnt, he tried to flee the scene! i have the right of way. and good there is new bus next year more blue and yellow hit queens first. is it hard to drive a bus. i see people struggling turning a bus but a young lady turn the bus so well. everyone move to staten island. They need more driver on b64 always 20-26 min for one bus😭😭😭
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