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  1. I probably going to declined this position because of my father and mother . They don't want me to drive bus. It is hard job . hopefully I get into conductor Job I need to listen to parents. It is hard since I pay so much for the exam hopefully I can restore my list # in the future or reapply when I feel more ready. Good luck to rest of people who going to training this upcoming two week ..
  2. Also that the drug test expired in 90 days- three months..so you may have to repeat the whole process again. And they may push you to down the bottom of list. It is up to you since family is always First.It suck to be around the same time ..there is lot of people waiting... I don't know what the Total is. My opinion is I think you should secured it first and make up the training dates.. since there is training almost every month. Don't be afraid to ask the instructor.
  3. Why is it so hard to to reschedule one single appointment lol . I call again when I wake up. Just landed back home.. sent email twice , no response call , the lady keep saying call next day call next day lol 🤣👍 this whole week I call hr six times 2 of six they answered. Ridiculous 😭😭
  4. They sent me less than Three day only. IF you don't smoke or do drugs, it should be quicker, KEEP CHECKING EMAIL. . You can still make it Aug 15 class or the next class after . All I can say they are moving FAST My class is Aug 15 I will miss the second phase. I call and she instructed me what to do. I send email already to the person who sent me the Aug 4 date . Now waiting for an response from that man. Will that delayed my training date or can still stay the same..
  5. There was phone number on that email. 347-643-8223. She answered first call for me . Other people say it is a hard time reaching them. .
  6. That true but I got too much Free Time I want to get my road test in earlier and only do qualifications because I go to school online all online. ..(college). I got one more Year
  7. Morning should be quick. I suggest come earlier And wait. I been here since 10am and still not done.
  8. After first pre screening , the next step is medical? . It only says drug screening today in my email.
  9. After pre screening, how long is the wait to go into mini training and then road test? I want to go find a job and practice driving a bus , currently an Amazon Walker and custodian. I have been jumping to jobs to jobs sadly. I have never driven a bus before.
  10. Oh interesting . I am on conductor exam 6601 list#13XXX. Hopefully i get through bus operator . I have faith in myself even though I never drove anything big.
  11. Of course.it is this exam .. be patient ..what your list # . My actual list number 15XX . I keep getting it confused with other city exams I took.
  12. My appointment is 10:15 am July 30. Do you we need to email the pdf application back or I can wait and handed in Friday?. My scanner is broken.
  13. Very true. Thanks i got an ea CDL permit. I have a a3 restriction.. that will work for Mta?
  14. I did it for two years failed all of my test .. finally I passed. Fourth time .. today I slowed down skipped some questions. Educated guess a few of them . Computer buffering was was scaring me . It say I passed. I was like whew.
  15. I wonder is dot medical CDL is same as box truck . The certification card does say commercial license driver medical card. I Wonder can I use that instead of going through the medical again..

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