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  1. Anyone recently take the medical within say like the last year or so? If so send me a private message please, I have a question or two I would like to ask. Thanks, much appreciated.
  2. Does points on your drivers license matter?I know with bus operator you can’t have more then 4 points. Does the same apply to train operator with points on your license?
  3. Hey question. On the NOE it says 1 year continuous work history that has been continuous with 1 employer... does that mean that has to be a current job or can it be a previous job in the past? Thanks.
  4. I’m not sure. How long have u been on for?
  5. Might not be dismissal. You must disclose it to them tho within I think it’s 48 hours. U can easily just fight it and delay the date until u clear probation.
  6. Oh never mind. I scrolled up at your old post and saw it say June of 2015. Your good. It’s 3 years from violation day. So your good. Plus your good if it’s only 4 points anyway even if it wasn’t 3 years.
  7. What date in 2015 did u receive the violation?
  8. Your good with 4 points. 4 points is allowed. 5 is not allowed
  9. I don’t want to be called for the next class either. I want to be removed from the list until further notice. I want the option to come and reinstate myself whenever I am ready. How do I do that?
  10. Question. If one gets called for train operator to bring pre employment how does one delay without being removed from the list?
  11. Thanks man. Doesn’t the ticket stay on your abstract for the rest of the calendar year after 3 years tho. Like let’s say u get a ticket September 5 2010. Doesn’t it stay on your abstract until Jan 1 2014? The 3 years from sept but then it stays on the rest of the calendar year. Is this true?
  12. They check back 3 years for points on your driving abstract I heard. Is this correct and does it go by date of offense or conviction for the ticket? Thanks.
  13. Young, which depot is your preference once your able to get back on?
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