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  1. What’s your current occupation if you don’t mind me asking? I’m in a construction union and am also taking a pay cut
  2. Just got my letter today. Have to report on the 23
  3. Thanks but I know that. The reason I’m asking now is bc I don’t want to wait till orientation to find out that info. Was hoping someone on here would be able to help. i wasn’t sure if you max out at $35 after 5yrs or not. If anyone knows and can help I appreciate it. Thanks in advance
  4. Fellas what’s the top pay (hourly) for Track Worker?
  5. Young thanks for the help! Called & Spoke to mrs Robinson today. She told me go down to 1 centre st with two id’s. Went, took about 15 min to complete the entire process. Named restored on the list in 5-10 business days. Good luck everyone
  6. Thank you! Can anyone direct me to the number for Livingston or Ruby Robinson’s number? Thanks in advance
  7. What up guys I have a quick 2 questions, 1- is the list still open (are thy still hiring applicants) & 2- I was in the high 100’s of the list number but missed my opportunity for various reasons. I’m able to do so now, if possible how can I go about it? Any info is highly appreciated, thanks in advance guys
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions fellas!
  9. Can someone please give me her number. I know it's somewhere in the thread but I can't find it. If anyone has it and can post it tonight I'll be extremely greatful! List #950-1000 Thanks in advance guys and good luck to anyone going tomorrow!
  10. What's good everyone, I just received the email to go in and see Mrs. Robinson, unfortunately I can't make it tomorrow. Does anyone know what's going to happen to me due to me not being able to go in?
  11. Thought any hires after 2014 would max out in 5 at around $35 per hr?
  12. Yea they sent me home with 21 page packet.
  13. Just a update guys, went to Livingston today got there at 7:30 was done by 11. It was pretty packed but most of the ppl there where there for bus operater. I Handed in my paperwork for the job history waited a few did my drug screening and it was a rap. Thought I would be there till the afternoon but it moved faster then I thought. Told me to keep a eye on my email and sent me home, pretty simple! #95x on the list
  14. Thanks for the input Steve! I've started looking into it and am still undecided. Once I find out the details of this job hopefully I can compare correctly and make the right decision for me. Ironworker is a tough job so I definitely respect your opinion. How would you compare the physical labor from local 40 to a track worker? Also where can I find the details of the pension, annuity, health coverage for this position so I can compare it to my book benifits I'm receiving now? Thanks again.
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