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  1. i' ve read on these forums that drug test expires after 30 days and/or 90 days...which one is correct and is it the same for medical?
  2. That information was not told however each class-size is about 40.
  3. Next class starts June 13th and there will classes through the end of this year.
  4. Hope so just wondering if when the letters arrive...the drug test date is at least a week later and not like the next day. Been away since Friday morning and won't be able to check mail til Tues afternoon so again paranoid.
  5. Btw I am well aware that it s a long shot should there be anything in the mail but just never know since I had my name restored to list. Guess being a bit paranoid too, don't want to miss the opportunity again. Lol
  6. Just found out I am finally on an outstanding certification. Those who have received a letter for drug test...was the date to go for drug test a week later after getting the letter in the mail? I know this is a silly question but just asking because I haven't been at my mailing address since Friday morning.
  7. Wow, do they allow you to keep your underpants on at least? I understand they make you do certain movements like lifting legs and/or squats etc....how do they check reflexes? The hospital gowns have a way to tie, right?
  8. Hello all, I came across an old post on this forum that they make you strip during medical? How true is this?
  9. Can anyone that has taken the signal's tests share an example as to how detailed they want the definitions to signals? Is it full sentence? Few words defining? How exact?
  10. Ok update...since I work around Livingston I stopped in and lady stated if I reinstated through DCAS than not necessary to do it through the hem too otherwise count as 2 attempts of restoration. So since I 'm already on list....I guess is a matter of when MTA gets a new list from DCAS...not sure.
  11. Really? I did it with DCAS in which their automated system states I'm on the list. I wonder why Ms. Vargas hasn't told me that each time I've spoken to her. I'm kind of confused now.
  12. Hello everyone, Had my number reinstated exactly a month ago today. I've called a couple of times but MTA still does not see my number on their list? I'm not sure why that is. Any idea from anyone that may have gone through restoration process?
  13. Thank you, wasn't hospitalized for the procedure. Am thinking one of the questions will be if I ever had any surgery.
  14. Thank you RTOMan. I'm in excellent health overall...no blood pressure issues, no diabetes, no heart problems etc....But maybe you or someone on here can advise ....I had surgery for carpel tunnel about six years ago and I plan to disclose it but I want to do everything possible to ensure I don't get disqualified or put medical hold and get delayed. I already have a note from my doctor indicating the issue was resolved via surgery but there aren't any details. Do you or anyone on here know if that would be enough ? If not what should the letter be stating exactly, how detailed does it have to be? Should I get a letter also from the surgeon that did the surgery as well? and what type of information should be stated on the letter and/or any other details the dr at MTA might want? Just trying to get it right the first time. Any advise would be greatly appreciated! 0 Quote MultiQuote
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