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  1. Do you think it's possible that the next Express bus order for bus company would be labeled NYCT?
  2. @ENY, Do you know when NICE is planning on retiring their last Orion V CNGs and if they are going to buy XN60s in the future (or more XN40s)?
  3. Also, shouldn't NICE be taken the first couple of option orders for the XN40 about now? They're short on buses and some routes are returning next pick.
  4. What's these 168 cars going to be used for and what is the contract number for them? Any word on that yet?
  5. What's the problem with the Orion VII OG CNGs? Why is the MTA planning to retire them? These have 15 year tanks on 'em.
  6. Also, what's the status of #1732, and #1867? Both of these buses were involved in accidents back in 2014.
  7. 2008-2009 Orion VII NG CNGs : #1700-1704, #1706-1707, #1709, #1719-1720, #1740-1741, #1751, #1761, #1796, and #1799 all repainted.
  8. Are there any current NICE bus depot rosters anywhere? Because the last ones made were from early 2012 IIRC. Where are the Orion VII NG CNGs, Orion VII 3G CNGs, and New Flyer XN40 CNGs assigned?
  9. I think that's the Hybrid demo from Elderdo (or however you spell it) from back in 2008. Any buses from #1600-1632 still in service? Which units are out of which depot?
  10. Why are all the Orion Vs going so soon? I don't understand. Can someone go to Eastchester and taken new pics of buses up there? No body has done that for a while.

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