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  1. That sucks bro, I saw them do the same thing to someone at my overview and again to someone at the S&D test day. Gotta be at least 1hr-45min early for this type of career
  2. Just got the call next class for phase 1 starts May 3rd
  3. I had my panel back in Sept. 2016 and still havent heard anything..
  4. get ready, its been over a year since my open house and im still in a pool of candidates for phase one..
  5. I wore a suit to mine, its probably not necessary. They give you vocab test first and then cogitative after. They dont tell you if you passed the vocab right away, you take both tests back to back. Look up examples of flow charts for the cogitative, its nothing you can really study for.
  6. Been a while since I posted on here, had my interview in September still haven't heard about the next phase 1. Anyone know when the next one is going to be
  7. April damn, my interview was in September I'm guessing I still got a long wait
  8. Nice, how long ago was your interview and have you been studying signals/definitons?
  9. Hows class going and how many people are in there with you?
  10. Congrats on passing, I was told only 4 from our group passed. It definitely sucks that we are going to have to wait like 5 months just to start a phase 1
  11. Had my interview last week and they told me that I am now in the pool of candidates and as of now that they dont have any plans for a phase 1 class to begin this year, possibly January or February.
  12. I have my interview on the 22nd, I'll see if I can get any info on the next phase 1 but I doubt I'll get anything concrete.
  13. I actually just got the call That i passed the S&D test and have an interview in 2 weeks. Sucks that I gonna end up in limbo as a member of the pool of candidates.
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