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  1. I can't believe its been like 4 years since I took this exam and the most recent called was the 1800s? This list expires 2 years and my position was in the high 9000s so I take it I'm shit out of luck then?
  2. Questions concerning Active Duty Military, does anyone know if the MTA would be willing to work with me in regards to holding a position while I complete my contract? I scored a 94% on this exam and have 3yrs left in the Army. As long as I show up for any other exams or interviews they need me to take am I good? Or will they just skip over me?
  3. I got 5 wrong, damn I was hoping I would get it :/. Oh well congrats on all who score 95 or higher
  4. Best: Borough Hall- I like watching the uptown come up together then split up on their seperate paths. South Ferry- Its whole unique set up with the making that tight turn and the moving platform gap fillers. Coney Island Stillwell Ave- I like the view when you walk up the stairs and you can see all the trains plus the view of the and at West 8 St NY Aquarium is great! 191 St- I grew up in Washington Heights and this station was across the street from my house. This was my first station and the was my first train ever. So yeah, a lot of nostalgic memories from my childhood. Worst: Inwood 207 St- Nothing wrong with the station itself to be honest. But I used to take the here for an old job that I absolutely hated. I couldn't stand that place and everytime I'm at that station I just get worked up like jesus f**k that job.
  5. Took the exam today at James Madison High School, and I agree with neokozz. No math questions at all. The types of questions had a lot to do with reading comprhension. For example they'll give you a train schedule and you got to pull information out of it.( eg. If you're at Paper Street and a costumer at 2:33pm asks you what time does the next train come what is the correct response.) Another type of question is the map. It'll show tracks that are labled with stations and there is a compass displayed. The questions would be for exmple, ''if your train on track 1 is heading west then what is the next station?'' Really easy stuff to be honest. I think anyone can pass it with a high score.
  6. Quick question, are we allowed to bring a cell phone to the test site? I don't see anything about NOT bringing a phone on the letter I got but I swear I remember reading something some where about phones not allowed at the testing site. Can anyone clarify? Thanks.
  7. Had an awesome Train Operator this afternoon at 4PM who just blew through 59th Street-125th Street. Its been so long since I've had a train go that fast through there.
  8. Saw what I think was S.W.A.T. at 161st Yankee Stadium. They had all their gear on and M4s. I wonder if it was because of what happened in Brussels.
  9. Jesus, you just reminded me how much I hated taking the bus to high school back in 2011-2012. The Manhattan bound Bx03 and Bx36 are so bad for this exact reason! Buses takes forever to come, and by the time it does its crammed with people in the front. Can't even get on. Then when the thing drives by there's all this space in the back. So infuriating, it was usually better for me to walk across the Washington Bridge than wait for another one.
  10. Why do riders have an irrational fear of moving to the middle of the car? I see all these guys crammed like sardines in a can by the door and I got all this room in the middle. Also IDK what happened but this morning at 42nd Grand Central it sounded like the conductor was yelling at someone about a door or something. We were there for so long that the 5 train behind us caught up to us.
  11. I don't know about study guide but, from what I gathered from lurking here is that you should know military time, NYC area (land marks etc. and how to get there), good english, and math.
  12. Steelix500


    I'm 21 years old and I'm from the Bronx. However, I was born and raised in Manhattan until we,my family and I,moved to the Bronx back in 2011. Been a fan of trains for as long as I can remember. My first train ride ever was on the 1 train. 191st was my home station but, now I get on the 4 at Mt.Eden Avenue. I'm a reservist in the New York Army National Guard and I've been in for 2 years. I applied for the 6601 conductor exam and signed up on this forum to seek out advice on what to study for. Hope I can make some friends on here as well!
  13. Got my exam notice for April 9th at 3PM. Good luck everyone!
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