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  1. I agree. Many will not pass background check, drug test, and medical. Some may not be ready to go thru the process. Some will even realize the job isn't for them. I'll be surprised if it's not at 1300 by year end.
  2. The way the papers are stacked??? That doesn't sound right. So your papers were stacked 200 places above someone in the 400's? During PE I was told everything is by your number and seniority. Why bother going thru the process of giving numbers then?
  3. I'm 3xx. Why would they skip and go to 400's? Did PE and drug test already.
  4. 2**? Only Aug class? I'm 3**. Looks like i wont get called for medical until sept or oct. Probably will have to do the drug test again. I do like that it seems everyone will get a chance.......just takes a while. Congrats.
  5. No I wouldn't! Canibus is becoming legal at a rapid pace for a reason. Lol.
  6. If it means I have the job and am out of this stop and go waiting transition then yes. Bring it on!
  7. I wonder why they have everyone waiting like that? Guess there aren't as many positions available like we were first told.
  8. It's been super quiet on this thread. I wonder what happened?
  9. Just curious. What happens if you're put on medical hold?
  10. What are some of he factors that causes someone to fail medical?
  11. ....and another one in July. They need bodies!
  12. Wasn't sure that was going to be an issue. My doc never diagnosed me with sleep apnea but I do snore. Sooooo many hurdles.
  13. I noticed someone mentioned sleep apnea regarding the pre-employment. How can they test that? What are they looking for? Some sleep apnea isnt bad.
  14. Hi all. I took test #6601 and on the list I'm about 3000. Will I ever get a call? If so how long do you think I'd have to wait for one?
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