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  1. Is it just me, or are there even more R68/R68A and trains than there were in November? Several websites say there are only 3 shared sets, but they seem more frequent now. If that's the case, from what lines are these extra R68s coming from, and where are the other R160s (the ones that the 68s seemed to displace)?
  2. Here's a very random question. Even though both can nor will ever happen in real life, which one do you all think is more likely to happen than the other? An LIRR M3 or M7 running on BMT subway tracks or An R46/R68/R160 running on LIRR or MNR tracks?
  3. Also about rolling stock, I've noticed R160s more frequently on the lately, and even a few more R68s on the and than usual. Has there been a recent shift in where different train models go, or is this common?
  4. Question about r68's on the and . Do they appear to have a better ride than the R160s overall? Even though R68s are bulkier than R160s, it seems like they run faster in the 59th St. tunnel, and they also don't have those prolonged automated announcements. Basically, what are the pros and cons of an R68 or compared to a more common R160?
  5. Also adding on to the question, if 2 R68s were at Coney during the rush hour when one gets sent to 96th, would they switch one of the 68s over or have to wait until a 160 pulls in? Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
  6. Random question about N/Q/W rolling stock. I noticed that many R68s tend to run on the N/W lines (W most often seems to get them), yet none on the Q. Is there a reason for that or is it all by chance that 68's only run on the W primarily? Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
  7. Since I wasn't a regular rider of the N/W before 2010, this always came to my mind. and now have mostly newer models, (with a few 68's here and there) that easily switch from one to the other at Ditmars. Was the swapping back and forth done as often as it is now before 2010 (with the older roll signs)? Back when there were more 68's and slants.
  8. Question regarding the Broadway/Astoria Line: Even though R46 models do not go to Coney Island, is it ever likely to see an R46 train as an AM or PM fill-in (let's say an terminates at Whitehall and then reassigned as a ) ?
  9. Also, what exactly caused problems with having a rush hour express line in Astoria (like how Flushing line is)? Does it slow down service going towards Ditmars or towards the Coney Island bound trains?
  10. So what are the odds that we'll get either R46 or R68 on the W line this Fall?

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