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  1. Thanks so much for answering my question and giving me more helpful information. And yes I would like to take the next PDM test..... Not bc heavy work is not for me but like you said I have a family to feed . But we will see how things go. One day at a time.
  2. Yea I know ppl who went from TRACK to RTO also but I had a question about pay rate going from RTO - TRACK after they finished 1 year probation.Wondering if they got full rate when they went to track ?
  3. Did anyone ever go from conductor to trackworker ?
  4. What if you are working days 8-4 ? How does the OT work with that ?
  5. Oh ok. Thank you. Just trying to figure out schedule for during the weekend and weekend
  6. Hey guys , Is most of the overtime on weekends with capital ? Or is it on weekdays too ? I was hearing different things That there is usually not much during the week but a lot on weekends and then someone else said somethings different.
  7. I got you ..... I need the OT so I would have to go with capital. Just hard for the guys with kids. But it will work out.
  8. Question : Are there any weekend days off in capital ? I know maintenance some workers have fri/sat off or sun/mon. Is there anything like that in capital ?
  9. Good to know ....., but if a bid comes out and I am qualified I can bid on one ?
  10. Question ? I thought a mini pick straight out of school is for only a couple of months ? But I been hearing different people saying it could last 1-2 years ? Anyone else know about this ?
  11. I understand what your saying. I'm not afraid to work so hopefully they will see that ! Thanks for the quick reply.
  12. Yes I want the OT but I keep hearing there isn't any in maintenance . I know all the OT is in capital but I don't have that option to do that bc it's mostly nights and my wife works nights and I have kids. I will sign up for anytime they ask. Thanks for getting back to me.
  13. This forum is great ... Everyone is so helpful in answering questions. Is there any money In track maintenance ? I mean is there OT there ? Can you work your on your days off ?
  14. Are any of the driving jobs specialty jobs with higher pay rate ?
  15. My cousin is provisional with painting with MTA. Does this apply to him as well ? Can he go over to track as provisional as well ? If so how ? Thanks for the info
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