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  1. "No" would be the correct response, lol
  2. With most of the tickets that I extend, passengers use a card. However I do agree getting rid of cash transactions is stupid.
  3. When you graduate its going to be "HELLO EVERYONE, I'M A DONKEY"!
  4. Your name is on the roster, bro. We know who you are. You better have a thick skin when you come out, lol. Good luck.
  5. There is an "internal" hiring freeze in effect. The RR still has plans for 6 classes this year. The first two classes are in hillside right now. Not sure when the next one is, maybe summer.
  6. I heard MNRR was going to furlough some cams. Not sure if that's true. Here at the LI, it's an internal hiring freeze. Still hiring A/C's and engineer trainees.
  7. Yea lol, you're right....also, I saved a bunch of money on my motorcycle insurance by switching to geico.
  8. Bro this guy is gonna be hangin' for like a year...
  9. Some comments before you play the victim card: This is a public forum on the internet. If you wanted people to mind there business, you wouldn't be here asking questions. If you are worried only about yourself, what does that mean for your conductor or engineer? If you're my brakeman and I need help with doors, passengers, etc, I expect you to help me no questions asked. If you have that "I'm only here for myself" attitude, you're not gonna last long pal. If someone not reading dozens of posts on an internet forum upsets you, then the RR is not for you. What's gonna happen when passengers ask you whether your train stops at Jamaica a thousand times? Are you going to get upset and angry because you made plenty of announcements? Seriously you need a thick skin and I mean really THICK to survive. Don't act like a know it all, be humble that you've made it this far.
  10. Can't wait till' you get out on the trains, cupcake. Passengers are gonna' love you. Coworkers too for that matter, lol.
  11. Hey Linda, we got a real winner here!!
  12. I'm going for airbrake Next Week. Not looking forward to it. Lol
  13. He actually got a 80, but whatever...
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