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  1. That's what I'm talking about. Amen to that
  2. Yes I have. That's good. I've been reading and highlighting the important things.
  3. Hey guys, see you on Monday! My name is Takia
  4. JMA won't know until I get in there but I will let you know when I find out
  5. Congratulations Amm0...see you at the end of this month
  6. I'm a woman not a bro lol... Your welcome, no problem. List number 5303, got a 92 as well. The opening is on the bottom which is down. The U would be up... > left. <right
  7. Thank you. It was a little tricky. You use a computer and headphones for the hearing /vision test. You have to look at different shapes and state where the opening is... Up, Down, left or right … looks like this Π which would be down. You will be fine. Good luck. When do you go for your medical?
  8. All done with the process. I will be in the August class
  9. Vision /hearing exam, urine exam and more paperwork
  10. Medical was long and dragged but I would be in the July class but I postponed my spot until August. So list numbers 53xx and on are going in the next class
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