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  1. In this hypothetical situation (a flood) if the subway tubes both north and south of the 60th St Tunnel are flooded, it is okay to presume that the 60th St Tunnel would be flooded too. The response of @Wallyhorse was more effective than the suggestion of just cramming the , with it's 12+ tph during rush hours, in the tunnel with the and .
  2. Would running the Far Rockaway/B 116 express during AM/PM rush hours and middays between Grant Av and Rockaway Blvd help reduce the 's runtime? 80th St and 88th St would be similar to 75th Av and Van Wyck Blvd where service is only during evenings, late nights, and weekends.
  3. Would dwell times at Rockaway Blvd incur a considerable impact during the AM rush?
  4. Crescent St might be a better choice to become ADA-accessible. It connects with the B13 bus which goes to Euclid Av and Myrtle-Wyckoff: both of which are already ADA-accessible. Crescent St also had more than 51% additional ridership than Norwood Av in 2018. The elevators at Crescent would help when the is cut back from Jamaica to Crescent since the shuttle buses do not go to Norwood. Stations from Broadway Junction to Woodhaven Blvd would still be 2 or less stations away from an ADA-accessible station if plans were to change. However, customers from Cleveland St and Norwood Av would have to travel farther to reach an ADA-accessible station if plans ever changed (Cypress Hills would be closer to an ADA-accessible station).
  5. Why would the need NTTs after the Canarsie shutdown? Service levels on the Jamaica El should return to the current service once the 14th St tube reopens. Does it have to do with the removal of signals on the curve going into/coming out of Marcy from/to the bridge? Or the removal of signals on the Willy B itself?
  6. Does the immediately switching over to the WiFi only happen on station listings?
  7. There is an additional switch just outside Lexington Av-53rd St as well. So there's two options.
  8. Sorry to hear that you got stuck and your commute was so long. Just so you know, the scheduled time savings by taking an express train from 36th St to Atlantic-Pacific is about 3.5 minutes. The (R) train can be your friend too. Thanks for a heads-up about the Atlantic-Jamaica LIRR suspension.
  9. I'm looking forward to taking the to 45 St during midday.
  10. As a young adult, I don't really mind having roommates. If you find the right people, it can work out well. Privacy does not need to be sacrificed when having roommates. It also builds character. Millennials like to be outside and having roommates helps us from becoming house dwellers.
  11. Holiday Trains will be running from 2nd Av - Lower East Side to 96th St on the Second Avenue Line this year.
  12. Besides Bay Ridge Av to 95th St, what two other stations are you referring to? Court St and Jay St?
  13. It seems like a lot of R32 trains go missing off the real-time countdown clocks.
  14. On which platform would the Brooklyn-bound train change ends at Wall Street?
  15. Astoria and Sea Beach stations are online through the site/app. This includes the Canal St bridge platforms.
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