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  1. The promotional list will be established very soon
  2. Looks like we are going into the November or December class
  3. What's your list number mrmta? It was your friend who was called or you?
  4. When I went there they said there is not going to be a January class
  5. Classes are not through February. The last class will be November or December
  6. From who? And just to confirm that we will only get a call for the medical in September if we are going into the September class? I'm 62xx so I'm definitely not making the September class.
  7. Is it true that the conductor and operator stay together and work together every day on the same train as partners for six months until the next pics come out?
  8. How high do you need to score on the station agent exam to get a call?
  9. I'm 62xx Well usually u don't wait around that much cause they always find something for you to do!!!! I've been talking to a lot of conductors. It's sounds brutal
  10. The worst part is when we are gonna be on that extra list. I heard every day is a minimum of a 12-14 hour day
  11. Cause it's a hard job! That's why it's not gonna fly by! Ask any conductor they will tell you
  12. 10 years will NOT fly by quick as a conductor
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