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  1. I'm wondering what position I'm in with 4 wrong.I'm not obsessed with the exam at all.I am curious though.
  2. 34,000 people took the exam. About 2 years for list to come out.
  3. People can get a little pretentious here I see.
  4. Hey guys, I took the test and everything,but I moved about three weeks ago.Where do I go to change my address,so that the mta has my up to date information? Thank you in advance.
  5. This is very interesting, for 21 I answered D, but for 45: D and 77:C, which were the same answers as you. I would have loved to go to the protest session,but I just started my current job not too long ago and it would be impossible for me to go.US getting the same answers wrong and selecting the same answers may be a good sign. What time is the protest?
  6. I took th exam on 4/23/2016 in the PM and I got four wrong. #21,#26, #45, and #77. I feel good about my 95% regardless of what people may suggest on here. Good job to everyone else, who took the exam
  7. Trust me you can drive there and find parking easily, I live a 15 minute drive away. It's Brooklyn not Manhattan. I don't see it taking more than 15 minutes to find a parking at most.
  8. Glad I'm not crazy lol That is a huge relief, I'm glad to hear that. So as long as you pick one of the two answers you will get the credit? Good luck, I guess it is three months until we know how we did? I was stuck on that question for a while, thinking I misread it or something.
  9. Yes exactly, it wouldn't be surprising to accidentally bubble in the wrong answer, no rush. Yes the question was in the 40's. It was the question type that involved when tracks a-b and r-g being fixed and what time certain trains would be affected during those times when work was being done on those particular tracks. Ring a bell?
  10. I took the exam yesterday at 3pm. Yes the exam is easy in the sense of the concepts being easy, but I still utilized most of the time allowed(2:50 out of 3:00). I wanted t make sure that I got 100 on that exam or very close to it. I was the second to last person left in that room and my ego was a little hurt by that, especially with a few people leaving half way into the exam. I hope everyone did well, but I do think that people will get a lower score than expected because they underestimated the exam and probably did not answer the questions with caution. There was one question in particular which I am pretty sure had two correct answers on the key. I hope everyone had a good experience, I believe I scored between 98-100. Ask me any questions if curious and share your experiences. How long did you guys take on the exam?
  11. Hold on you, scored "100.14" isn't that the most you can get? So why weren't you able to get through?
  12. Thank you for the information. WOW 5 years is a long time,and that's s great score. I thought it was more like 2 years or something.
  13. Hey guys I'm scheduled to take the exam on the 23rd in the afternoon. This is my first time posting to this forum, just wondering what is the usual waiting time to be called granted you score well? How many questions is the exam? And how long on the job until you can become a train operator? Good luck to all of you and thank you in advance for the responses.
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