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  1. Egg Harbor now has 8007, 8271, 8286, and 8007 from Twp. They've transferred at least 4008, 4015, 4034, and 4039 to Ironbound. Meanwhile, just to help keep track, the following 7400s have been reactivated: For Oradell: 7402, '05, '11' 12' and 15. For Ironbound: 7403.
  2. 8012 is still active at Newton Ave, as are 7512 and '26 (I hope they enjoy those last two units especially). 7529 is now at Oradell, also from Twp; they also appear to have 7405. 8224 and '25 are at Ironbound. I can also confirm that 8003 is at Market St and that 18031 is also operating for Twp.
  3. 7402 has been out of storage and at Oradell for some time. Twp seems to have up to at least 18025, as it and 18022 are both operating today (401 and 554, respectively). I've yet to see any 2001-'02 model year units go into storage yet, unless I've missed something.
  4. 8279 has been transferred to Egg Harbor, at least for the summer. Are any of the 7400-series D4000s or 7422 and '42 still around?
  5. 7981 returned to Meadowlands a little while ago. 7475, '77, '82, and '83 are listed as being D4000s; they are D4500s. 7501 is no longer in service and is likely stored. In another note, it would be great if anyone could record what few privately-operated 2001-'03 commuter coaches remain, as well as those operated by Howell and Ironbound, especially since little is known about most of them except for this roster. Thanks.
  6. 7611 has finally been returned to Newton Ave. 7783 and '84 are back in service for Egg Harbor. Enjoy them while you can; Christie won't be in office forever (thankfully).
  7. It appears that all D4000s from Egg Harbor have been moved into storage, including 7783 and '84 and 7611 from Newton Ave. This would mean that the only Series 60-powered units at Egg Harbor are now 7422 and '42.
  8. 17003 sure looks nice, but that is a weird numbering system and I wish it had a Detroit with some good, loud Jakes. Anyway: 7490 to Ironbound. 7611 (probably just a seasonal move) to Egg Harbor. 7686 should be listed at Oradell and 7921 should not be listed at Wayne Township. Route Adjustments: 199: Wayne Township 316: Twp, Newton Ave, and Egg Harbor Community Coach appears to split at least the following routes with Orange (may need confirmation): 705, 753, 755, 765.
  9. 7686 is at Oradell. 7921 (listed at both Wayne Township and Market Street) and 7925 (previously Oradell) are at Market Street; 7926 remains at Oradell.
  10. 7486, '87, and 7940 are now Ironbound. In case there is remaining confusion over which 74xx-series coaches are at Ironbound and which are at Howell, the following notation will attempt to rectify that situation: 7453-'74, '78, '80, & '81 = Ironbound 7477, '82, & '83 = Howell 7475,'76, and '79 are unknown (one 74xx-series D4500 was DBR and sold for scrap in early September, but I don't recall the unit number; It may have been one of these).
  11. Confirmed: 7506-'08 are Ironbound. 7501 is MIA and should be added to the Egg Harbor storage list. About Howell's CNGs, are they going to re-power all or just the few that have blown engines and with what package?
  12. 7507-'08 are Ironbound, not sure about 7506, none of which were previously listed. As for the MIA D4000s (Egg Harbor's especially), have they been moved, stored, or retired?
  13. Ironbound now also has 7453-'65. 7554 and all 7550s are at Newton Ave, not Egg Harbor. After its 2014 training accident, 8011 (Newton Ave) was likely written off (needs confirmation). I agree with your proposed MIA policy (on the roster but whereabouts unknown/unseen for several weeks or months) and believe it should be applied to Egg Harbor's D4000s except 7783-'84. This does, however, include their recently acquired 7900s.
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