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  1. MTA Asset Recovery has them. Total was about $100 which includes $25 for the strip map, $50 processing fee, and about $25 for shipping and insurance. The fee is a little steep, but I'm happy with it.
  2. Purchase a 2 train strip map from the MTA. Just gonna hang it on the wall for now but in the future I want to backlight it and give it control from an arduino or raspberrypi
  3. I just missed a R68 yesterday at Queensboro Plaza. How often do they run?
  4. Cool! Can't wait to get my hands on one. I work near the end of the 6, maybe I'll take a trip over there to see it.
  5. Reading up on it, they had planned to run the AirTrain into Manhattan via the Queensboro outer roadways, which were originally used for trolleys. Of course, that ship has sailed since they converted the north roadway into a ped/cycle path (a very nice one I might add).
  6. That's the idea. The station itself is supposed to drive development - just as the original IRT/BMT elevateds did in the outer boroughs.
  7. Started a new job and have been getting settled, but now I finally have time to get out and shoot again. DSC_0019 by Nick.92, on Flickr DSC_0036 by Nick.92, on Flickr DSC_0068 by Nick.92, on Flickr DSC_0117 by Nick.92, on Flickr DSC_0131 by Nick.92, on Flickr DSC_0151 by Nick.92, on Flickr DSC_0213 by Nick.92, on Flickr DSC_0299 by Nick.92, on Flickr DSC_0325 by Nick.92, on Flickr DSC_0328 by Nick.92, on Flickr DSC_0482 by Nick.92, on Flickr
  8. I have no real backing for this, but I feel the J/Z platforms at Chambers St are in such bad shape and so large that it would take years and millions of dollars to refurbish correctly. IIRC, many of the stations on the docket to be refurbished here are small, low-ridership local stations that have two side platforms. Each one would cost less than a million and only be out of service for a few months.
  9. Does anyone know if the old 2 and 5 route placards are going to be made available? I'd love to get my hands on them.
  10. Sweet! I hope they make their way around. If they do, I wonder if they'll make the strip maps available through Asset Recovery.
  11. Could just be going for an overhaul. The Jamaica yard doesn't have an overhaul shop.
  12. Still looking to catch that R68A set on the . What time does it normally run? I've seen 18:57 out of 207 but haven't caught it.
  13. Probably combined into 5-car sets. Originally, all R62/As were delivered as single car units and then mated semi-permanently once they were sure they were reliable.
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