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  1. I might be a bit late to the party but today I finally got to see two different sets of R179s on the Jamaica Line, today was the first time I had seen it on the line. I always wanted it to be on the .
  2. R62A last year to New Lots R62A to New Lots after 9/11 R42 to Bay Ridge R68 to Coney Island back when it was the only train to CI R46 train at 42nd st around 2005-2006 R142 to New Lots
  3. @riello2u, thanks for the advice, when it comes to the cdl stuff I'm probably not interested in the moment but can be helpful im the later future. I'm confident that im able to get a pretty high score. Patience is actually one of my strong suits so I'm alright with waiting. It's worth it for what I've read so far. This is something I want to start out with and later down the road I want to apply for Train Operator. Being drug free isn't a problem for me. Waking up early isn't a problem. You gotta do what you gotta do, plus I work night shifts at the moment so I can always adjust. And I'm a very reliable employee (especially when it comes to making it on time)so the 1 year probation period is cool.
  4. Hey guys, new to the thread. So im thinking of applying for the exam this October and im a young guy (21) looking into what I feel will be the star of my life. I know this will take a lot of patience to finally achieve the position but the MTA was something I was always interested in. I know in myself that i can get this position but it's all about patience. Meanwhile for this whole hoorah I'll be attending college and doing part time work. Also I'm curious to ask how the first step of all this is? Thanks for the feedback if any. T
  5. When I was younger, I use to revolve around the A line all the way up in Inwood. The A would have a rolling stock of R44s, R32s and R38s. I had always liked a train line that had a variety of stock. I had also remember watching the slants and the modified retire on the 8th ave line. As expected, Redbirds would come to light as well. I remember my last revenue service trip on a Redbird was on a 5 train going to Fulton st.
  6. I had always felt that Grand Army Plaza was suppose to be an Express station because how huge the platform is on the station.
  7. The fleet that took my heart believe it or not were the Thunderbirds (R10). These cars were amazing to me. Lived a pretty good life, and just 10 days short to actually hit the 40 yr period. Even if I never rode one before because I did not exist in 1989 I feel like these trains were very fast, hence the name it was given (Thunderbird). Not sure if this is an odd choice for most people but they look amazing, and they served on the 8th ave line which has been based on my whole childhood. Would love to hear about anyone else.
  8. Anything related to past retired fleets that date back from the first New york city subway to the most recent retired. All BMT, IND and IRT included. Will soon to update as other fleets retire within the next few years.
  9. The last TOMC was pretty cool. It's the first ride i had on the redbirds since they were in revenue service. Last one i remember taking was the 5 train going to Fulton. Thing is tho i wished they had the R33WF 9306 on it. Guess it was too late to put them on? Did they not have enough time? Maybe since it's a pure 1964 model (never refurbished) then maybe they didn't want to risk the rain hitting it? It was cloudy that day.
  10. Best station: Fulton st A,C,J,Z,2,3,4,5 Quite a bit you can choose from Worst station: East Broadway on the F The conditions on that station are not the best
  11. Born in 96 it's amazing that I was able to remember some things at quite a young age. Redbirds retired in 03 but I remember them on the 2,4,5 and 6 oddly enough. Same thing with the 6 th ave Shuttle that ran to Queensbridge, the orange S train was always something unique to me, don't know why. As well as the R62As on the 3 train and only consisting of 9 cars instead of today's 10. Do others remember the same?
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