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  1. They may not use both of the same signal but if they do they'll differentiate with either "zone A" or the "A290" if they don't, go with the easier indication.
  2. It was good! Have a ton of info to go over and retain but other then that its it's exciting.
  3. There was only like two people but no way to tell why they were there. A lot of employees were in and out of the medical office. They didn't say anything in regards to a start date.
  4. Hey guys! Sorry for delay, been hit with some overtime at work. My panel was early april. My medical/physical was cake! They did a color blind test which you just read numbers with mixed colourful dots. Then a vision check. And for the physical side they have you step over fake tracks and third rail, climb up into a raised platform to simulate a train and move a sledge hammer as if your throwing a switch. As far as candidate's I believe they take the highest scoring and pool them into the first/next class then the lower scores into the class after. I remember hearing your guaranteed a spot whether it's sooner or later if you passed. For studying, learn 3 to 5 definitions a day and constantly review previous ones from days before. For me I would read recite then write. I learned signal faces/names first then learned indications.
  5. Thanks! Still no info on any classes, just that ilI be notified when they start. As for physical its probably just to make sure people are physically capable before putting them in class. Ill have more info tomorrow after physical
  6. I got a phone call yesterday that im accepted into phase one and to come in for a physical/medical. Anyone else?
  7. They have the locomotive engineer trainee position posted again on the mta site! Has anyone heard anything?
  8. Not yet, assuming they're still trying to fill the class
  9. Hey guys! I'm in the same boat passed s/d exam and had my panel early April. Still waiting to hear back on class dates. I'm pretty sure there was a class that started in March.

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