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  1. Tried looking back to see if you said when your pre employment date was and didn’t find it. when did you do your pre employment?
  2. I was there also, I noticed there weren’t a lot of names on the sheet that the guy downstairs had when he asked me my name. And i had to wait for my drug test outside of the lab because it was full and I also noticed nobody else came in for track worker after about 11. Was today the first preemployment day for trackworker??
  3. After this step you have to wait for them to call you in for medical
  4. I noticed in the email it doesn’t state how we have to dress when we go in for the drug test. Have they been more relaxed with how you dress when you go down there? When I went for pre employment 2 years ago for train operator i dressed up but there were a large number of people in sweats and sneakers, even though the canvas specifically said no sweats or sneakers lol. This time around it doesn’t specify what not to wear. Has anyone been down there recently for other titles? Thanks
  5. I don’t think anyone was notified for a drug test yet. Pretty sure they are still going over paper work. I’ve been emailed twice about an error in mine. So they are going over them still it seems.
  6. If you were to take a guess how many individuals do you think they plan on hiring this year? Just based off of what they actually need down there? My list number is decent and I’m ready to ditch my current employer so I’m a bit anxious lol.
  7. It’s in your junk mail folder.
  8. I’m guessing here but honestly I would say quick. It’s been a while since they hired track workers.
  9. Ah yes I found the email it was in my junk folder. It’s a yahoo email. So for anyone else out there that uses yahoo email check your junk emails!!
  10. I just got an automated call to submit paperwork I’m guessing for pre employment? The phone call wasn’t too clear and I haven’t received an email so I’m a tad bit confused. list number 12x
  11. 5~6k or 500-600 ????? 5k seems impossible.
  12. I posted this before the world knew what COVID was. So that wasn’t the reason. Check the date lol. I had noticed they canceled the upcoming exam early Jan 2020 with no explanation. But yeah then COVID came, so who know what’s up.
  13. They said that last exam too.
  14. Can’t believe it’s been over two years since I did pre employment . And now it’s looking like 2 more years because of COVID smh.
  15. For those down there, have you heard anything about an upcoming class? Seems like it’s been about 2 years since the last class. I could really use a new job right now.

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