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  1. Kidbx175

    Station Agent 6600 Hiring Process

    I think illl pass this time around. I only applied to his exam becuase I was trying to get in by any means even though I didn’t really want this position. i have a decent list number on train operator exam and I got 79/80 on the new track worker. I’ll wait patiently for one of those to call me.
  2. Kidbx175

    Station Agent 6600 Hiring Process

    Yup I’ve worked customer service but I didn’t have the full time required , when I applied for this. So I’m not surprised, I figured 3 years ago it was worth a try, so I’m not shocked nor surprised.
  3. Kidbx175

    Station Agent 6600 Hiring Process

    Well well we’ll..... 3 years later and I finally recieved a letter stating that i don’t meet the work experience qualification. Not surprised at all and I expected this sort of because I don’t have much custormer service work experience.
  4. I see I’m going to receive a letter today from the MTA today but I don’t know what exam it’s for. I pray to god it’s for train operator pre employment lol. my list number is 17** Hopefully it’s not a invitation to take the OPA exam for cunductor because my list number is over 5,000 and I know I won’t even get called for that position.
  5. We honestly don’t know. Just have to wait and see, but don’t compare this test to the last one. That was a long time ago. During the hiring freeze years.
  6. Ok got you, funny thing is I remember on my answer key, I counted ,m6 wrong, but when they sent me my list number I had a score of 5 wrong. Could that mean one of the answers I originally though I had gotten wrong was protested ? So it might have had two “right” answers? This was a different session btw.
  7. A few ppl ? Or a whole test session ? How many ppl were there per session? Couple of thousand maybe?
  8. Kidbx175

    Sanitation Exam, #5001

    Yep i took it, scored 102.xx List number is 513x. I have a high 5th digit social so i got screwed in terms of the tie breaker. I went down to long island city last may to take the Agility test in their big warehouse and passed it but that was it. Never heard anything else from them. I honestly don't have much hope of getting called back for that exam sadly.
  9. Kidbx175

    Conductor 6601 Hiring Process

    List number 51xx haven’t received an OPA invite. But sombody with a 7 thousand list number gets invited in ? I don’t get it lol.
  10. Kidbx175

    Track Worker Exam # 8600

    This time around will be very different, many people took this exam.
  11. That’s exactly what am saying lol something is weird about this. Yeah maybe they plan on sending like top 2000 people pre employement letters quickly so they can do their medicals and have a big group of people ready for orientation and school car lol. Who knows but this is moving extremely quickly and I ain’t complaining.
  12. Kidbx175

    Station Agent 6600 Hiring Process

    So I take it they won’t even bother establishing a list for his position ? When will the next exam be ?
  13. It’s pretty crazy how they are sending out pre employment letters to people in the 800 range. Are they skipping over a lot of people because they are offering provisional positions ? Or do they still follow the list order ? 800 seems like a lot for a list that isn’t established. I could understand like 1-200 max lol not 500, 600 or even 800s. Anyways Good luck all!!! Hopefully they get me next year. My list number is 17xx
  14. Kidbx175

    Track Worker Exam # 8600

    If you have a low fifth digit social security number you should get called withthin 4 years. I’m going to compare this exam to conductor. It’s a very easy 80 question exam with thousands of people who take it. Just comparing this exam to the conductor one I’ll consider about 30,000 people passing and people with two wrong could range from around 1800-3500 with the spread gradually increasing depending on the number of wrong. This is just my opinion though and based off my experience with many other exams that I’ve recently taken.
  15. no well conductor list just got established not too long ago same with sanitation. But with my list number being so high there really isn't any hope in getting contacted within the years the list is still active is what i meant.


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