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  1. They requested a lot more than usual but it still feels the same. This sounds like a whole lot of pre employment letters to waste more time to bring people like my self with 1800 list number downtown smh.
  2. Man that sucks. Small class and only 1 more before the end of the year??? Guess I will have to wait a long long time /cry
  3. That’s great ! But the real question is, when are they going to lift the hiring freeze.
  4. Someone on the conductor forum just said they got some sort of survey/pre employment Email. I thought we were on. A hiring freeze ? Is there still hope !!!! ?? I hope so lol.
  5. 3600 list expired. i would guess since they are sending out list numbers and 8600 is now established, they intend on calling some ppl in for pre employment. With your list number being so low you should be one of the first to get a pre employment letter. Now I don’t know when they will be sending those but I could guess and say you won’t get a reporting date no earlier than the middle or end of February. Just a guess. That’s if they even plan on calling people right away.
  6. List was established on the 8th, if that was your last day smoking, you should be good. STOP smoking period, this job is more important. Also if you think you might still have it in your system when they reach you for pre employment , just defer when they call you and then reinstate your name back on the list. But seriously man stop smoking lol. And yea when you go fro pre employment, they do a drug test after you hand them the paper work you have to fill out.
  7. Yeah I noticed I have something from the MTA in the mail too, was assuming it was my list number. I think they going to canvas the top people soon. Especially since the last track worker class was in late 2018.
  8. Usually about 2 weeks from when you receive the “thick envelope” I’ll also advise you to sign up for “informed delivery” it pretty much allows you to set up an account that has pictures of all your mail everyday sent directly to your email. So when you see something from the MTA you will pretty much know it’s for pre employment.
  9. Just saw the upcoming sanitation exam (0186) has been canceled. Don’t know why but I guess that’s good news for this exam.
  10. I honestly thought about 20,000 people would take this exam. That’s why I was anticipating a much higher score. 9,000 is nothing
  11. Thanks ! .... Wait a minute am i reading this correctly, i scored 98.75 ( 1 wrong ) and my list number is excellent ( 12x ). I really thought my list number would be more like 85x +. This is amazing ! Now hopefully they actually start calling names from this list so i can get out of my current job lol, i am so ready to go ! Also still waiting on my second pre employment for T/O list number 18xx, but i think i would prefer trackwalker over train operator.
  12. When was the last class from exam 3600 ? I feel like they haven’t even been calling off that list. I got 79/80 on this new exam and I’m hoping I have a good enough score to get called ASAP.
  13. You are will definitely be reached I know a few train operators, one being my brother and they are short down there, they need T/O’s. We gotta just remain patient, It will come. They got to 1200 and the list has only been established for a year and 2 months. 3,000 is definitely a realistic number they could get to before the list expires.
  14. Mine shows the same thing but # of vacancies only says 15. I did my first PE 12/3/18 - my list number is pretty high up tho.
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