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  1. The drug test last more than 30 days. I did my drug test april 4th, medical april 10th. I didn’t have to do them over for the june 4th class. All i had to do was final processing.
  2. No way, if you go back a couple pages you would see someone in the april class(1st class said that there were 57 people. I’m in the second class ( june class), there are only 50 people. So alot of people either deferred, failed drug or medical or just simply turned down the job. So just because they or up to list # 539 for my class doesn’t mean that that amout or even close to that were actually hired.
  3. Yes because we had to pick our division today. They called people up in order of their list number and someone ask the last person that was called up his list number, he said 539
  4. The highest list number in the june class is 539
  5. I just got a call to come in tomorrow for final processing. I had deferred and just put my name back on the list last week Wednesday.
  6. She’s very hard to get intouch with but you have to try continuously. It took me 14 tries yesterday before i got intouch with her. You have to keep calling like a stalking ex , like every 5 mins.Once you get intouch with her, she’s very helpful.
  7. Well for the april 23rd class, my medical wasn’t until April 10th(13 days away). You still have time.
  8. Did you put your name back on the list yet
  9. What number did you call because i cannot get in touch with mrs vargas.
  10. I was calling on Friday and monday and didn’t get an answer so i had to go in. I also asked when i got in and all they said was i had to speak to michelle. They never said don’t continue with the process. It wasn’t until i sat down in the office that the process was stopped for me.
  11. I asked him and he says he doesn’t think so because im only deferring it until the next class but michelle rivera vargas is supposed to contact me and let me know.
  12. Sorry to hear that. I hope everything works out for you
  13. Lmao, you go on the first line to get a ticket number then you go to the employment section on line three. They give you i believe 2 pages of paper , you sit down fill it out and wait for your number to be called. When your number is called, you hand in your paper work and you get another small packet to fill out 🙄(includes emergency contact, w4, beneficiary etc) you are told to go sit down fill out the packet and wait for your name to be called. Once ur name is called you go to the back of the room to the medical section. Wait for ur number to be called again. Once ur name is called, you get directions to go to a computer to do two mini surveys( medical history yes or no questions) oh and more paper work. When ur finished you go back to the desk, they print out ur survey and you have to wait for the nurse to call ur name. Nurse call ur name, you do a hearing test( put on headphones listen for the sound and and click a button when u hear it). Eye exam, test for protein, blood and sugar in urine, and an ekg. They also weigh you and measure your height because if ur bmi is over a certain amount and ur neck size is over a certain about of inches, you have to go to ur doctor and do a sleep apnea test. You go back to the waiting area and wait for the doctor to call you, he goes over ur results, ask a few questions, nothing much and do muscle strength and balance test. Then he gave me a piece of paper to take back to line 3, they collect ur 21 page booklet and the other mini booklet. You wait for someone to call you, you go into a small office with them. I was told that i would be starting April 23rd and was asked if i was available. I said no, so that’s where it ended for me. I believe the next step would have been fingerprinting. Oh they asked for ur ids ( us passport, or birth certificate, along with social and state id). The end lol.
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